View Full Version : Assassins promise builds

I chill
23-01-2006, 19:35
I played around with a few elites this weekend, this was one that has a lot of fun potential.

Assassins Promise: Elite Hex Spell: for X seconds if taget foe dies you get 5..20 energy and all your skills are recharged

While there are other skills that give you energy for killing or recharge your skills faster, none of them recharge themselves, its not hard for an assassin with Deaths Charge and this skill to take out multiple targets in rapid succession with a little luck and teamwork. This is also a good skill for other proffessions who find them selves waiting for energy or skills to recharge after killing thier target.

Assassin/Ranger (just for Troll's)
Black Mantis
Assassins Promise
Deaths Charge
Troll Unguent
Res Sig

Conjure Phantasm
Phantom Pain
Etheral Burden or Spirit of Failure
Dancing Daggers
Entangling Asp
Assassins Promise
Res Signet

Both of these worked well, I never got around to trying this skill with a Fire ele but im sure it would be scary with a glyph of sacrifice build