View Full Version : What damage is Pain?

23-01-2006, 21:21
Hey guys, just curious... I don't have enough points to play with Rt yet but I am wondering what kind of damage does Pain do?

Is it long range, physical damage? It also seems like Pain doesn't need a "clear line of sight" to hit you? There were times when I tried to hide behind something and I still get hit. Am I right?

Oh wondering if you can add Barbs with Spirits attacking?

I've also noticed that you can't cast Hex on spirit. I tried to cast Empathy on Pain and it didn't work. I also use Disrupting Lunge on Pain to interrupt and disable Pain and it can only interrupt (not disabling).

Radical Dreamer
23-01-2006, 21:50
I think the spirits do "dark" damage not affected by armor

I also started a thread in this forum Spirits, how do they work.
try to figure out all the aspects of the spirits