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27-01-2006, 20:28
After playing with Repeating Strike for awhile, I realized just how powerful it is. Even my shutdown A/Me was successfully tanking warriors with it. So I was thinking that a build based on using a never-ending Repeating Strike sequence could score some pretty quick kills...

Strength 12+1+1
Dagger Mastery 12
Something else... 3

These are the key skills:
Repeating Strike
Warrior's Endurance
Warrior's Cunning

Warrior's Endurance, coupled with a zealous weapon, nets you a total of four energy with each hit. Repeating Strike only costs five, and you'll still have a pip of regen, so it should give you enough energy to constantly repeating strike throughout its twenty-something second duration. And that many repeating strikes should easily kill them.

Warrior's Cunning ensures that the sequence is never broken by blocking or evasion antics.

Then you also need some lead attacks, and another off-hand attack to enable Repeating. Barbed Strike is a nice lead just because of the fast recharge and low energy. And bleeding is always useful. I'm not sure what the other off-hand would be, since Warrior's Endurance uses up Temple Strike's elite slot... But it hardly even matters what you use.

Any thoughts? Could this be at all viable, at least for Randoms?

I chill
27-01-2006, 20:45
Your build will work, but the recharge time on warriors cunning is weak compared to the other skills that also counter evasion/blocking. There is also an assassin elite enchantment, Way of the empty palm, that makes all offhand and duel attacks cost 0. A:wink: build using that instead of warriors cunning is able to move or attack faster using other stances then warriors endurance.

27-01-2006, 23:56
Expose Defenses (Deadly Arts) also counters blocking/evasion, a bit lengthy in the cast time but it should still work decently. You could use that with the Black Mantis Thrust (cripples target if hexed) -> Jungle Strike (+dam vs crippled) combo.