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28-01-2006, 19:36
I was bored so I came up with the idea of A/W using axe instead of those BLAH combo moves dagger thingys. normally if you land a critical with an axe it should be higher then that of a dagger or sword right? ^^
so I got myself this little build:

Critical Strikes: 14 (10+4)
Shadow Arts: 9 (8+1)
Axe Mastery: 12

- Critical Eye (Critical Strikes)
For 33 seconds, you have an additional 7% chance to land a critical hit when attacking. You gain 1 Energy whenever you score a critical hit.
Energy:5 Cast:0 Recharge:30

- Eviscerate [Elite] (Axe Mastery)
If Eviscerate hits, you strike for +34 damage and inflict a Deep Wound, lowering your target's maximum Health by 20% for 17 seconds.

- Axe Rake (Axe Mastery)
If this attack hits a foe suffering from a Deep Wound, you strike for +8 damage, and that foe becomes Crippled for 15 seconds.

- Penetrating Blow (Axe Mastery)
If this attack hits, you strike for +17 damage. This axe attack has 20% armor penetration.

- Executioner's Strike (Axe Mastery)
If this attack hits, you strike for +34 damage.

- Disrupting Chop (Axe Mastery)
If it hits, this attack interrupts the target's current action. If that action was a skill, that skill is disabled for an additional 20 seconds.

- Way of Perfection (Shadow Arts)
For 25 seconds, whenever you successfully make a critical hit you gain 25 health.
Energy:5 Cast:1 Recharge:30

- Sharpen Daggers (Critical Strikes)
For 33 seconds, all of your critical hits cause Bleeding for 14 seconds..
Energy:5 Cast:2 Recharge:20

soh what ya think? ^^
I know its more warrior then assasin but the assasin had that little primer attribute to increase the chance of a critical. do you think my assasin will do more dmg then a warrior (=> strenght =>armor piercing) with about the same build?

The Experimentor
30-01-2006, 08:38
You won't be able to spike damage and kill as fast as a Dagger Assassin can with all those adrenal based skills. Even if your build is packing serious damage dealing, you're going to have to risk duking it out for awhile to build up adrenaline, rather than having all your skills at your ready commande and powered by Energy instead. :undecided: And given the Assassins' fragility...

30-01-2006, 12:21
I felt like i not trying it after i noticed no res sig..

The Experimentor
30-01-2006, 16:36
If it's any consolation, I once dreamed of making a A/W Swordmaster myself... :wink: Then reality hit me. :undecided:

30-01-2006, 17:46
I think the warrior secondary would be better used for sucking up damage or evasion.

ie: Bonetti's Defense, Gladiator's Defense, etc

03-02-2006, 10:28
Bonetti's is useful after a run of Lead attack - Off Hand attack - Dual attack, as by that time, you should have almost enough adren to go onto bonetti's, gaing all that energy you used up on those attacks :tongue:

The Experimentor
04-02-2006, 07:57
Bonetti's is useful after a run of Lead attack - Off Hand attack - Dual attack, as by that time, you should have almost enough adren to go onto bonetti's, gaing all that energy you used up on those attacks :tongue:

That has just so convined me to go A/W when Factions comes out. :smiley:

Thank your for dissuading my doubts. :cool:

04-02-2006, 20:55
Well, im sorry but there is a tiny doubt about what I just said :tongue:
When you're in bonettis, if they dont attack you, you get no energy from them, which would be bad.. :undecided:
Yet as Zalis Baenre pointed out, it would be very useful for stances that can block while you are concentrating on dealing damage to a target.
We will just have to wait and play around with ideas next time there is an event / on release :smiley:

(just checking, is there / will there be an assasin weapon with the +15% while in stance mod on? As i cant remember which ones i used for PvP :huh: )

The Experimentor
05-02-2006, 05:41
Yes, but since when did aggro'ing monsters not attack you? Either they're casting spells or attacking. More likely, they're attacking when they're not casting spells. :wink:

1. Unleash spike combo.
2. Bonetti's Defense to protect yourself, while
3. ...Recharging Skills and Energy (faster with Bonetti's).
4. Unleash spike combo again.
5. Repeat 2-4 as many times as needed.

The Experimentor
08-02-2006, 15:34
I think I've figured out how to make your Axe Assassin- your Executioner- work. :wink:

First, we'll load up on Energy-fueled Axe skills, so you have something to unleash as soon as combat starts. There're only 2 currently in the Axe Mastery set: Cyclone Axe & Swift Chop.

Honestly, these 2 are great for Assassins! Cyclone Axe is AoE and will charge up your Adrenal skills. Swift Chop will hack right through any blocks your opponent raises and cannot be evaded- a sure hit! And they both cost only 5 Energy and recharge after a measly 4 seconds!

Next, we focus on low cost Adrenal skills: Penetrating Blow (5) and Cleave (4). We can perhaps throw in 1 more attack skill. I'd say Disrupting Chop (6) just to annoy your target or stop him from raising any defenses. Or you can switch in Eviscerate or one of the higher-costed skills, but I prefer something that builds up fast.

Put together, you can do damage (Swift Chop) and build up Adrenaline (Cyclone Axe) right from the start, then follow through with your Adrenal finishing blows. This is your "chain combo". Given high Critical Strikes and Critical Eye, you probably can spike very well with your axe. And because they're not lead, off-hand or dual attacks, your "chain" cannot be disrupted.

Critical Eye -> Cyclone Axe -> Swift Chop -> Cleave -> Penetrating Blow

Fill in the rest with defense or support: Critical Eye, Critical Defenses, Shadow Refuge, Way of Perfection and/or Way of the Fox, then Resurrection Signet.

As a finishing touch: give your Executioner either a shield or focus item for the off-hand, something without any requirements (max energy +6). I suggest a necro grim cesta (gauntlet skin), monk focus item (Dwayna's face skin), or elementalist storm artifact (floating crystals skin), as they're rather sleek. Maybe an off-hand with the -5 Energy, +5 Armor mod because your build is very Energy efficient. Or just a plain off-hand, then off-set it with a -5 Energy, +15% damage axe.

Hope this helps! :cool:

Chemical Ali
25-03-2006, 18:48
When i go /W i think no attribute skills or something like sprint. I seriously doubt going for a secondary weapon mastery, it just won't compare to having a primary weapon mastery (daggers). With this in mind, I look to Wild Blow.


Dagger Mastery 16
Critical Strikes 13
Shadow Arts 4

Leaping Mantis Sting
Temple Strike
Twisting Fangs
Wild Blow
Critical Eye
Death's Charge
Signet of Malice
Res Signet

Sure, whith all of the points in Dagger Mastery and Critical Strikes along with Critical Eye one has a very high chance of scoring criticals, but Wild Blow is an almost definite critical hit which can't be blocked or evaded, ends stances, and can be used between steps in the dagger combo without effecting the combo.

Temple Strike and Twisting Fangs stacks daze, blind, bleeding and deep wound; and, if they are moving, Leaping Mantis Sting adds cripple in there too. Everything else is pretty staightforward. There is much doubt that Temple Strike will remain unchanged when Factions actually comes out though.

26-03-2006, 01:53
I don't like the Disrupting stab as lead although I like to interupt sometimes (Siege turtles, anyone) so I switched in Distracting blow. And "Watch Yourself" is pretty good on any skillbar.