View Full Version : Restoration + Consume Soul = resurrected @ full health?

02-02-2006, 19:40

Create a level 1-8 spirit. When this spirit dies, all allies in the area are resurrected with 5-41% Health and zero Energy. This spirit dies after 30 seconds.
Energy Cost:
Activation Time:
5 Seconds.
Recharge Time:
45 Seconds.
Linked Attribute:
Communing. Increases spirit level and health recovered.
Skill Type:
Binding Ritual.

Consume Soul

Target touched spirit is destroyed. All allies in the area are healed for 30-198 Health. This is an elite skill.
Energy Cost:
Activation Time:
3/4ths of a Second.
Recharge Time:
4 Seconds.
Linked Attribute:
Spawning. Increases amount healed.
Skill Type:

So if you party members are dead and you cast restoration and then Comsume soul would you rez everyone at 41% health and then add 198 health at the exact same moment. rezzing the entire party could be as fast as 6 seconds. Or might this not over lap like I think it might.
What does everyone else think about this combination of skills?

There are quite a few spells from the ritualist that would make awesome secondary class skills for all professions - Wow.

02-02-2006, 20:32
All the other resurrection skills have a delay after you cast them before the character resurrects, so I guess it wouldn't work, the heal triggering too soon for others to get the benefit.

I reserve the right to be wrong though.

03-02-2006, 13:27
The resurrection of your dead party members occurs the instant 'Restoration' expires (whether that is prematurely or not), so the health bonus from 'Consume Soul' would ONLY count for those still alive in the party at the moment you cast 'Consume Soul'.

Hope that helps.

04-02-2006, 06:56
Target touched spirit is destroyed. All allies in the area are healed for 30-198 Health. This is an elite skill.
This leaves me to believe that they spirit is destroyed and THEN they are healed. If so the spirit would die, your allies ressed and then healed. I guess well have to test which would come first.

07-02-2006, 05:19
I had huge problems with the Res spirit not functioning.

It seemed that if it died from anything other than the natural 30 second delay that it wouldn't do anything.

Do your allies have to be very close to it to recieve the restore?