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The Experimentor
06-02-2006, 13:25
I posted this in the Warrior thread, but realized it might be better here as you guys probably have more experience on this matter.

Description: For 15-39 seconds, your maximum health is halved, but you take half damage from all sources. When Aura of the Lich ends you're healed for 50-202 health. This is an elite skill.
Energy Cost: 15
Activation Time: 2 Seconds.
Recharge Time: 20 Seconds.
Linked Attribute: Death Magic. Increases duration and health recovered.
Skill Type: Enchantment Spell.

I'm just wondering if this'll work for a W/N in PvE. It may help a W/N with tanking.

I understand that it'll eat up the elite slot in the skill bar. For that matter, it won't benefit from a rune either. But I'm not a big fan of Strength or Tactics for defense, and I'm very interested in giving this a shot.

Throw in Consume Corpse and/or Soul Feast, and you may be able to hold your ground really well with Aura of the Lich's damage reduction and Warrior armor.

06-02-2006, 17:31
from my experience, AotL has two main benefits. The health boost at the end and the increased life stealing benefit. to use AotL as a purely tanking skill i don't think it will be that effective.

True, your dmg is halved but so is your life.

the way i used it: Cast AotL, then i used vamp touch and unholy feast for dmg and self heals, otherwise is pounded away with melee. With AotL on, Vamp Touch becomes more of a 140 health gain then just 71. Yes you only steal 71 healt from the foe, but your own health, under AotL is doubled since your life is halved. so in my experience, it is only good when using life stealing skills. (of course on the flip side you become more vulnerable to degen)

There are others that use AotL in Dark Aura builds, but i don't think you were looking at that type of build, so i'll leave it out.

Hope this helps

06-02-2006, 18:27
A question would be where it stacks in relation to damage reduction.

If the 50% to all damage sources is applied before the runes/armor/shield damage reduction, then you have effectively just doubled the effectiveness of those items.

If the items are applied first, then you gain effectively no benefit.

The Experimentor
07-02-2006, 05:38
Description: For 15-39 seconds, your maximum health is halved...

Just to clarify: does that mean your health capacity (500/500 - 250/250) or remaining health (500/500 - 250/500) is halved?

If the latter, this could mean massive fun for less than 50% Health bonuses :laugh: like +20% damage for weapons, and +8 Armor from foci. :grin:

07-02-2006, 09:30
health capacity...

07-02-2006, 12:34
AotL effectively doubles the effects of all healing. Definitely worth an elite slot on a tank.

And it subtracts from your max health, and it also takes away half your max hp no matter what. So if you are at half health or lower when you use it your hp pool goes negative and you have 1hp until it regens.