View Full Version : A Truly Sweet Arrangement - (Rt/R) Build

17-02-2006, 20:14
I'm no monk. . .but i'd gladly roll this:


Here's the basic setup:

Level: 20

Spawning Power: 10
Restoration Magic: 15 (11+4)
Wilderness Survival: 10

Hotkeys on skills 1-4

Rupture Soul (Spawning Power)
Mend Body and Soul (Restoration Magic)
Soothing Memories (Restoration Magic)
Spirit Transfer (Restoration Magic)

Preservation [Elite] (Restoration Magic)
Lively Was Naomei (Restoration Magic)
Nature's Renewal (Wilderness Survival)
Frozen Soil (Wilderness Survival)

The setup is simple. You setup your spirits in a triangle pattern and hide in the middle. You will still be able to move freely, but enemy warriors will have ot hack their way through to get to you.

Nature's Renewal will be a huge burden on anyone relying on hexes or enchantments, but won't affect your ritualist since your using all spells.

Your also controling ressing with Frozen. If your teamate dies you can pop the frozen with spirit transfer or Rupture soul, and follow up with breaking the jug over your teamates face.

Your heals are low energy, but give a high yield. (more efficient than booning) :cool:

All your spirits will be doing double duty since you can use them as health batteries or make them Asplode!

I think this could be hawt! :afro:
Extended Skills info

Rupture Soul (Spawning Power)
Target allied spirit is destroyed. All nearby enemies are struck for 116 lightning damage and become blinded for 10 seconds.
Energy:10 Cast:1 Recharge:20

Mend Body and Soul (Restoration Magic)
Target ally is healed for 85 Health. That ally loses one Condition for each spirit in your area.
Energy:5 Cast:0.75 Recharge:3

Soothing Memories (Restoration Magic)
Target ally is healed for 100 Health. If you are holding an item, you gain 3 Energy.
Energy:5 Cast:1 Recharge:5

Spirit Transfer (Restoration Magic)
Target ally steals up to 50 Health from all spirits in the area.
Energy:5 Cast:0.25 Recharge:0

Preservation [Elite] (Restoration Magic)
Create a level 10 spirit. Every 4 seconds, this spirit heals one ally in the area for 115 Health. This spirit dies after 60 seconds.
Energy:5 Cast:3 Recharge:45

Lively Was Naomei (Restoration Magic)
Hold Naomei's ashes for up to 60 seconds. When you drop her ashes, all party members in the area are resurrected with 75% Health and zero Energy.
Energy:10 Cast:3 Recharge:60

Nature's Renewal (Wilderness Survival)
Create a level 7 Spirit. For 110 seconds, Enchantments and Hexes take twice as long to cast. and it cost twice as much Energy to maintain Enchantments. This Spirit dies after 110 seconds.
Energy:5 Cast:5 Recharge:60

Frozen Soil (Wilderness Survival)
Create a level 7 Spirit. For creatures within its range, dead creatures cannot be resurrected. This Spirit dies after 70 seconds.
Energy:5 Cast:5 Recharge:30

Zii The Mad
17-02-2006, 21:43
Looks good.
Rupture should dissuade warriors from attacking spirits... :)

Deadly Hawkeye
17-02-2006, 23:32
I assume you use this for PvP. It is a nice build, I think the problem will be ally moving away from your range and spirit going down way before your spirits recharged.

Artemis Shadowhawk
18-02-2006, 04:03
It looks really good, except I guess my only question is why Nature's Renewal and Frozen Soil instead of something less team-burdening. Perhaps taking Life and Recuperation for more healing goodness. It seems like the anti-enchant and hex builds should be left to other characters. Also Frozen Soil is incredibly situational. Even moreso, this would free up some spaces and allow you to max both Spawning and Restoration. Finally, I'd reccomend taking a minor rune of Spawning, just because you can.

Possibly invest in Communing instead to get some of the nifty protection-esque spirits?

Goldfish God
18-02-2006, 12:02
Frozen soil when they have dead, if allies start dying, rupture Frozen soil and rez them. You could even use it as a lure, since when theirs start dying they'll be wanting to remove the frozen soil.

Artemis Shadowhawk
18-02-2006, 16:01
I'd still rather invest in Life and Recuperation or possibly the Protection-esque, communing spirits, such as Union, Displacement, Shelter.

18-02-2006, 16:24
I'd reccomend taking a minor rune of Spawning, just because you can. It's funny you mention this. . . because the damage calculation for Rupture soul is that of someone with 11 spawning power. . . I'm not sure why it isn't list as 11, but obviously you'd want it as such.

Also I shy away from recuperation simply because is doesn't last long enough. It's a 60 second recharge, and at 15 restoration magic it only lasts 45 seconds. Add in the casting time and it's a 20 second gap that you dont have it out.

The build might be modded for communing, but I haven't tried it. Union could be the game winner against assassins, and shelter is also extremely powerful. Once again though i'd have to look at the recharge times. If they can't stay up full duration you'd more than likely have to add soul twist to the build, and you can't target Nature Ritualist with Soul Twist =-/