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20-02-2006, 19:58
Assassin's get 2 energy for crits, but they only come about every 3 swings.

Warrior's endurance is 3 energy a hit. So as long as you can hit you'll get your energy back.

Now you might be able to run repeating strike without way of empty palm or Ranger expertise.

Instead you could have 15% piercing on every swing.

I was thinking:

15 strength &
11 or 12 dagger with

Warrior's Endurance
"I Will Avenge You"
And Res sig so far.

Any thoughts on what else i could use? There's many things you could do with this. The skill points left over may be used tactics, deadly arts, shadow arts, or an adrenaline skill

Attacks like wild blow and strength attacks also still look tempting.

Any ideas?

20-02-2006, 22:11
I know this isnt a very useful idea, but...

I think that Wild Blow could easily be a effective assasin move for PvP when used right.

A small 5 energy cost, and 5 second recharge for a certain critical if it hits, which can not be evaded or blocked? Sounds good to me :tongue:

The other reason of using it, is due to the increasing ammount of stances being used in PvP recently. Im sure any ranger or warrior wont be too happy when you shadow-step up to them and cancel out their stances.

Thirdly, it has no attribute. As long as you are A/W, you have that 5 energy instant critical available, for use with whatever skill you want to use it with, and without having to pile in attribute points :smiley:

Just thinking up some skills Wild Blow may be useful for, possible ones include...
Sharpen Daggers
Way of Perfection
Critical Defences (yet Wild Blow wont be able to keep up with the 4 second refresh requirement)

(But if you plan on taking warrior primary, then extra % chance due to the Critical Hits attribute are out of the question, making you rely on Dagger Mastery...)

Kinda random information (and im sorry that its a bit off-topic), but those are my thoughts :smiley:

Anyway.... one of the problems will be the maximum level Warriors Endurance can raise your energy up to. At 22 energy, thats not much when you're firing off multiple skills. Yet for a recovery phase once you have reached 0 energy, it would give you quite a boost up (yet that maximum-energy level could prove annoying :undecided: )

Also, remember that if you are taking a Warrior Primary (to use the Strength line), then you will have a distinct lack of energy to start with, so energy-gaining skills (or possibly the Zealous mod) will have to be redily available, as im not sure that you will get all the critical hits you are after, and that 30 second delay with Warriors Endurance could be annoying.

Akisame Kiyoraba
21-02-2006, 00:49
The only problem i can see is critical strike is an assassin primary attribute, and strength is a warrior primary attribute. Critical pretty much has the exact same effect as strength, except stronger as well - neither of them will fire off on every attack, but unless you are fighting warriors, the bonus from criticals(-20 armor, or +4 weapon skill) will probably out-do the bonus of strength's armor penetration. Without critical strike's passive effect, your unmodified crit rate will be about half that of a normal assassin, if daggers have an inherent crit bonus effect like warrior weapon skill lines have.

With that factored in, its all a question of how effective the energy management is.

( ... Oh, and i really don't want to envision a male warrior spamming repeating strike, you know with the breakdancing windmill animation and so many people using gladiators and all, they might have to add an inherent blind effect to it ;P )

21-02-2006, 09:43
well with warrior's endurance wouldn't that attack basically be this:

Wild blow
5 energy
Lose all adrenaline. If it hits, this attack will be a critical hit and any stance being used by your target ends. This attack cannot be blocked or evaded.
if wild blow hits you gain 5 energy

because it is an auto crit, you gain 2 energy, and warrior's endurance would make you gain 3 energy when it hits.

This looks like a fun combo, about a 10 second skill that turns combo chains into 2 energy for each instead of 5

21-02-2006, 09:58
Yep, lay in Wild Blow every 5 seconds for 0 energy effectively, which also ends any stance they are in :tongue:
As i said eariler, it will also trigger any skill that requires a critical hit (Sharpen Daggers + bleeding anyone?), making Wild Blow a useful skill for any assasin in my opinion.

21-02-2006, 10:19
Hmm, but have you ever seen a Warrior primary getting 2 energy back when critting? I think the 2 Energy gain only applies if you have the Critical Strikes attribute from Main assassin (and maybe even only if you actually make a Critical Hit through the percentage from Critical Strikes), and if you do use Assassin primary, you cannot skill Strength which would increase Warriors Endurance duration etc.

I'm not sure if my theory is correct, haven't really tested it or anything, but it might be like that

21-02-2006, 10:26
^^^ good point, i didnt think about that :undecided:

The +2 energy per critical probably does only apply to A/X due to the attribute.... So it will be a tough choice to make, sacrificing the extra % chance AND the +2 energy per critical for Warriors Endurance + a high % armour penetration using attack skills.

Personally... i dont think i'll be using Warriors Endurance (sorry!).....but im keeping Wild Blow :tongue:

22-02-2006, 14:28
Way of the Lotus / Wild Blow / Critical Strike. . .

There's a lot of nasty stuff you could run.