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25-02-2006, 06:44
I'm still holding to my own that E/A has the potential for some of the greatest damage and combos that an assassin is capable of.

Going with this theme I made a Elemental Assassin that uses air magic, and a skill that is still unknown.

Air Ninja (E/A)

Energy Storage: 4 (3+1)
Air Magic: 16 (12+4)
Dagger Mastery: 12

- Disrupting Stab (Dagger Mastery)
- Shock (Air Magic)
- Falling Spider (Dagger Mastery)
- Twisting Fangs (Dagger Mastery)
- Ride the Lightning (Air Magic)
- Glyph of Elemental Power (Elementalist other)
- Conjure Lightning (Air Magic)
- Resurrection Signet ()

Use Glyph to up the damage from conjure from 17 to 19 damage a swing (basically 72 seconds of 19 extra damage per second potentially)

Then use the Glyph with Ride the Lightning, a new elite that is comming out in factions that will let you deal lightning damage to a target and teleport you to their location.

After ariving at the stricken target follow up with distracting blow / shock. . . Then finish them off with Falling spider / Twisting Fangs. If they are still alive they won't be happy.

The success of this build will ride heavily on the Air elite. (no pun intended)
I'm hoping it will do at least 70 damage, Not cost 25 energy, and Not have a recharge over 20 seconds.

The setup looks good on paper. . .I'm just hoping the spell cooldowns wont kill the combos.

The Experimentor
25-02-2006, 09:47
Offense, it looks terrific. :smiley:

Defense, and I'm worried. :undecided: No healing or defensive skills? You might end up a sure killer against one, but easily hurt or killed by a mob. You're guaranteed to kill someone, but survival is also a very important issue either in PvE or PvP.

Also, slapping Pacifism or the like on you is going to stop you cold. Well, maybe not totally because you have spells, but still. I know lack of hex removal and the like is given for Elem's and 'sin's, but you gotta consider these. All the more is defense and healing important.

25-02-2006, 15:27
Well Here's what you could do if you wanted some defense. You could drop your dagger mastery 1 or 2 . . . or your air magic 1 level. This would give you enough points to bring your shadow mastery up so you could add in Shadow Refuge or Death's Charge to the skill list over distruptive stab.

Falling spider only requires a knocked down target so you can go right into it after shock.

Another ideas isthat you could leave it as is and knock out distruptive stab for return.