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01-03-2006, 18:59
It's hard to judge how well this guy will actually do since it's impossible to factor in when your double strikes and criticals will hit, but the damage looks maddening with this setup.

The Hurricane (A/E)

Critical Strikes: 12 (10+2)
Dagger Mastery: 14 (11+3)
Water Magic: 10
Disrupting Stab (Dagger Mastery) or Jagged Strike (Dagger Mastery)
Mantis Sting (Dagger Mastery)
Desperate Strike (Dagger Mastery)
Wild Strike (Dagger Mastery)
Critical Eye (Critical Strikes)
Locusts' Fury [Elite] (Critical Strikes)
Conjure Frost (Water Magic)
Resurrection Signet ()

Ok so your the build runs a 30 second (36 with enchant bonus) Locust and a 60 second (Potentially 72) Pluss 11 damage Conjure Frost. Nothing too amazing, but very efficient.

Here's the million dollar question though. . .

Why make a built that runs Repeating strike when Wild Strike is the exact same damage, removes a stance, and has a 4 second recharge?

Everyone is worried about Assassin's getting their 5 hit combos stopped.

This setup runs 3 lead attacks to support Wild Strike. There are no hangups on the combo. You're just dealing Raw Pure Damage. The lead attacks also offer some impressive utility to help you stay effective.

The only thing that this build doesn't take advantage of is an Increased Attack Speed stance. I think Conjure is way better than any IAS stance you can spam when your running Locusts, and since you'll be breaking stances every 4 seconds anyone with a stance that isn't for evasion is going to get jacked.

Energy Shouldn't be a problem with Critical eye and the bonus to double strikes.

The only real thing your missing is a self heal, but I have some info on that as well:

Since your running Locusts your not going to be doing guerilla tactics like other assassins. Your going to be in the fray constantly, and you can't be taking the time to stop and heal because then your buffs are going to be going to waste. This is a setup much like the classic W/E. Your job is to bring the pain! Someone else is going to have to watch your back and keep you healed.

If you absolutely need a self heal then you can drop dagger and water magic down 1 each and bring your shadow arts up to 8 (7+1). Kiss critical eye goodbye, and load up shadow refuge for another layer on your vital enchants and a 78 heal when it ends.

01-03-2006, 21:50
Geez, calling it The Hurricane and then not using Whirlwind. /sigh

Anyways, to your build, its quite nice, but with Jagged Strike (cause the reuse timer is only 6 seconds) as a Lead attack for Wild strike, I'd throw out Mantis Sting and replace it with something that protects you at least a bit (with your high Critical Strikes attribute + Critical Eye + Locusts Fury you should use Critical Defenses, it'd be renewed with an almost 100% chance which would make you pretty much a tough-to-hit target most of the time.

(Oh yeah, you should consider using a Zealous modifier with your weapons, with Dual hits (if it actually grants energy with a dual hit) you'd get an awesome amount of Energy)

09-03-2006, 02:36
The idea of have 3 lead attacks is not bad. I miss in your build the boost on speed, i would use mist armor instead of critical eye, this +6% to critical is no good enough. Now that conjure frost stacks with other ench. is a good combo i think. This way you'll have a nice speed boost and some armor improvement also...