View Full Version : Ignoring / Blocking Forum PM's

Ju Smurph
02-03-2006, 00:40
Is there anyway you can block PM messages from someone on the forums, instead of complaining about some 14 year old i would rather if i could just ignore him and get on with it if possible?

02-03-2006, 01:09
Putting them on ignore I think blanks out any PM's they send, but doesn't stop them sending you them.

If someone is harrassing you via Private Messages, report it and they'll be banned.

Ju Smurph
02-03-2006, 03:02
Not really after banning them, its rather petty thing.

I just have 10 limit that i don't want filled by a 14 year olds grammar police ego trip. If i can just ignore them everyone is happy and i don't have to go to 'daddy' mod for help. :huh:

So where is the ignore option, i'm sure i have seen it before but never needed it, now i want it i can't find it:wink:


Wait... I found it!

Though the question remains how exactly does it work?

02-03-2006, 03:09
I believe the ignore stops you from seeing posts from person X, but Im not sure how it works with PMs.

Ju Smurph
02-03-2006, 05:15
lol, that would be the exact reverse of what i was after... Illl just manually ignore with the 'olde delete the message'

02-03-2006, 22:36
I believe the ignore stops you from seeing posts from person X, but Im not sure how it works with PMs.

For PM's, AFAIK with VB, you can still get the PM's, but they are shown as ignored in the message list, you can still view them but they wont show a title or anything in the list like regular PM's. But that was on another VB site, and could have been an installed hack to do that, by default it may not effect PM's at all.

Only problem I find with using VB's ignore feature is its so damn tempting to look at the post anyway lol. That and anyone replying to it and quoting, kinda defeats the purpose too :laugh:

Edit: There is probably a hack available that can prevent PM's being sent to someone who's ignoring the sender.

And before anyone shouts warezkiddy at me using the word Hack. Hacks in the VB term are 'mods' to the forum software, nothing illegal, simply patches to the code made by the community that can do all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Like the RPG stats this forum has. Or the very cool warning system some forums use, or the forum pet one *shudders* :)