View Full Version : The Simic Combine [TSC] is recruiting

06-03-2006, 17:34
We're an established guild and one of the most active in GvG out there, although not high-ranked. Played over 120 games last ladder season, but unfortunately can't look that up now as we've dropped off the ladder just before it got locked.

TSC is based in America, we have a forum (don't think I'm allowed to link here), vent server and approximately 30 members right now. Play both PvP and PvE, although our main thing is GvG. Peak activity, that is, when we usually GvG is 8PM - 12AM EST.

I'm recruiting here in the first place because a bunch of people recently left and I'd like to fill the space with several active members, preferably who know what they're doing. "Preferably" because I believe that people are most important and their characters are only secondary. A guild of "l33t rank 9++" players who only care about their rank on the ladder isn't a guild, it's a business partnership, whereas I'm trying to keep TSC a community. Which is also the reason I'm not recruiting in-game - I'm rather skeptical about the average guy in Lion's Arch (not without good reasons!) and I hope people on this forum, which in itself is a community, will fit in with us a lot better :)

If you're interested, either reply here or add Alleji Atreides to your friend list and whisper me when I'm on. :)