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08-03-2006, 22:29
From GW: Factions Pre-Order Booklet

For a scant few seconds, the storm that followed Shiro's death wail roiled the sea, spawning waves that reached hundred o feet into the air. An instant later, everything was frozen in place but not because of a sudden cold front - the sea was not turned to ice. It had become solid jade. In order to survive, the Luxons had to adapt to the literally landlocked lifestyle, unable to transport goods to market or even sail to the nearby islands for fresh water. Their merchant ships had become one with the petrified ocean., the currents that took them to far-flung lands were now as still as glass.

The traditionally seafaring Luxons became nomads sailing on a lifeless sea. They coontriived ways to adapt their giant ships to the new landscape. They now carry out extensive jad mining operations ont he frozen sea, uncovering magical oddities and precious resources made up of the petrified life embedded in the unmoving waves.

Today, the Luxons have grouped themselves into three differen clans: the Serpents, the Turtle, and the Crab. To keep order, the Luxons invest authroty int heir Council of Elders, the ruling body that meets each year to modify and approve the "code" that all the clans will follow for the next twelve months.

Although the clans often battle againts one another, this is less aobut warfare and morea bout demonstrating which clan is the strongest and most powerful. These battles are usually fought by each clan's champion, along with that champion's elite guard.