View Full Version : GW Characters skip around

21-03-2006, 06:27
No, this is not due to bad graphics card or a sub-par CPU.

For some reason all characters when they start walking/moving they skip ahead to that location as soon as they begin moving/clicking. Timer is also off by up to a minute sometimes and my mana bar shows "not enough energy" when i supposedly have 26 mana for a 5 mana skill.

My roommates are playing right next to me and theirs works fine, I have tried disabling everything (including Anti-virus/firewall/superfluous stuff) and no luck. It only happens sometimes however, and mostly after a graphics driver update.

No spyware/virii/worms/trojans/etc. Any hints/questions or do you want a full system log?

21-03-2006, 07:13
It's prolly high latency, aka the lag monster.

Merls The Sneaky
21-03-2006, 08:08
Sounds like lag to me, see if it persists while your roommates are not playing. (I assume that you are all playing over the same connection)

21-03-2006, 15:52
I also ran -perf a few times and noticed no drops in connection speed, it's just strange that it only happens after a driver update and sometimes just randomly for the entire duration I have the GW client open or until I reboot.

21-03-2006, 16:57
How many ppl are using your connection, I know I can't do more then 2 at any one time without it lagging me to hell. :embarassed: