View Full Version : free hosting for guild pages/forums

mss smwht
22-03-2006, 05:09
as the title states. i have hosting sitting here and doing nothing, i wanna get some use out of it. you will get a subdomain of your choosing on incorrige.us. i'd do this by PM, but i envision my PM box filling up quick... so email me the subdomain and password you want at mss DoT smwht @ gmail DoT com. no spaces in that, DoT=.

i can put phpbb2 on the domain (it'd be subdomain.incorrige.us/forum, unless you want something else), i don't know about other forum software.

updates to your page would be managed via ftp, details will be included if you decide to sign up. sorry there's no automated process for this, i know how i could do it cause i don't have direct access to the server. :/ this is also why i don't know if i could do anything other than phpbb. anyways, lmk!