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22-03-2006, 11:34
Here's a Keystone Assassin theory build I've been tossing around in my head. It uses an AsMe to kill an enemy with a pretty cool setup:


I put it in the Mesmer forum under my thread at the link below, but I thought some of you future assassins would get a kick out of it. Hopefully it works out as designed.


The Aderes
22-03-2006, 11:35
i tried the first link but dont seem to work :S second one does though.

22-03-2006, 11:36

22-03-2006, 13:03
Only one problem i see... and that is that repeating strike must follow an off hand attack, so u need a diff off hand in order to use that skill. but other then that it looks pretty good :laugh:

22-03-2006, 13:08


Deadly Arts - 14
Dagger mastery - 11
Shadow Arts - 8
Inspiration - 8
Illusion - 4
Critical Strikes - 3
(no points left)

Phantom Pain: 10 secs of -2 degen, Deep Wound for 9 secs
Black Mantis Thrust: Lead attack, 16 damage, cripples for 13 secs.
Repeating Strike: Off-hand hits for 16 damage repeatedly until I stop or miss
Blinding Powder: Must come after off-hand, blinds target for 10 secs.
Mantra of Signets: To instantly recharge SoS
Signet of Shadows: 33 shadow damage, add 57 shadow damage on the Blind
Keystone Signet (Elite): 10 secs of non signet recharge, but recharges SoS instantly


Ermm... you should replace Repeating Strike with something else or use Black Lotus Strike instead of Black Mantis Thrust, because Repeating Strike only follows Off-hand attacks (or else it couldn't be "repeated"), I'd suggest you take Fox Fangs (cannot be Block nor Evaded and adds Damage) so that your combo won't be interrupted

EDIT: Dangit, scorche beat me to it ;P

22-03-2006, 15:51
Good point! I'm glad I came to the Assassin forum. I'll either replace it or find a good OHA to squeeze in some how.

22-03-2006, 17:37
OK, the revision is done. I had to change quite a bit to still get the high damage I was after. Let me know if I missed something again!

Oh, and before someone asks, I chose the off-hand Wild Strike mainly because of its recharge time. I needed 8 secs. or less (WS is 4 sec.), and only Golden Phoenix Strike does that besides the one I picked. GPS requires an enchanted foe, so I went with Wild Strike, but choose either one for yourself and it still should work. Here it is:


Complete thread link:


22-03-2006, 20:06
i have a similar build except with out the recharging SoS and using Unseen Fury. but the basic blinding idea + SoS is the same. I will try augumenting them together.

22-03-2006, 23:14
Use Echo instead of Keystone so that you can chain all 3 SoS's together.

23-03-2006, 00:00
Use Echo instead of Keystone so that you can chain all 3 SoS's together.

So simple, yet so true. :duh:

Hah, that prevents the need for any Inspiration points (MoS works fine at Insp 0), plus I'd no longer need to worry about the KS recharge penalty. KS needs 2+ sigs on a build to make it useful meaning Echo is always best for a spamming one like this. Thumbs up to you for your sensible idea that never crossed my mind.

23-03-2006, 02:44
your could run a frag ranger, and do the same... in 8 seconds :/

Azri Shatterthought
23-03-2006, 06:11
Yes, 540 damage in 10 seconds doesn't seem like a whole lot for a character completely devoted to damage. You've be better off using the assassin pvp template given during the last event.

23-03-2006, 20:10
If you use the following build i think that you can spike for 500 shadow damage (with 16 deadly) It does rely on other people not only for healing but for other things.

the only real thing that you need attribute wise is 16 deadly for the SoS

Signet of Shadows
Echo (E)
Mantra of signets
Arcane Mimicry
Arcane echo
Res Sig
<insert any skill here>
<insert any skill here>

ok here is how it works try to follow me.
First cast Arcane echo
Then cast echo now you have 2 of them
cast SoS (100 damage)
ok now cast the arcane echo echo spell
use the echo SoS (100 damage)
Arcane echo is now a Sos
use mantra of signets
cast the arcane echo
use the Arcane echo SoS (100 damage)
it instantly recharges so use it again (100 damage)
Use Arcane mimicry on a friend with the elite keystone signet
use that skill recharging all three of you SoS
use all three again (300 damage)

100+100+100+100+300 = 700!

now make sure that you have someone keeping blind on you foe or else this build loses most of its potential.
Sure it has no healing what-so-ever and relies on the fact the an ally has keystone sig and that someone can keep blind on the foe but still in an organized team this build has potential

ok now your free to completely ripe it apart (please tell me if there is a part that does not actually work i have never played a mesmer and dont know if there are any restrictions)

EDIT: i think the total time for this is 15 seconds so there are probally builds out there with a higher DPS ~47