View Full Version : Weapon choice

24-03-2006, 12:43
Am I the only one with this problem or why has no one yet said anything about it(I may have missed the thread too...)?
There's only 1 Dagger skin to choose from and you can't get any mods besides the one hardwired into the item.
No health mods, elemental mods, zealous...nothing.
You can't even unlock them at the Balthasar Priest.
I seriously hope they either change it back to how it was in the first preview, or simply allow us to unlock mods.

24-03-2006, 13:53
Guess your right... But this preview is suposly to ejoy the new PvE maps available to new character that start in cantha. The possibility to make PvP characters is only a treat the added to this weekend.

At least you can use new armours for Tyrian character you make. Assasin clothes are so awnsome.

24-03-2006, 14:38
They do exist. if you go and make a PVP only character, you can see the varius dagger mods there. Maybe just not in yet, or maybe luck isn't on your side.