View Full Version : Guild and Alliance mentioned in forum profile?

26-03-2006, 20:33
Ok, I had been thinking for a while now it might be nice to have the ability to list your Guild, and in the future, Alliance in your profile tab (the one displayed next to your post), along with your Name, Avatar, Realm, forums stats, and so on.

Currently, the only ones who can display their guilds and other such info on these forums are those with PayPal or part of one of the guilds hosted by GWO. I think it would help if this option was given to all members of the forums, as it would help give the sensation of a tighter, closer community here on the forums.

The game is called Guild Wars, and attempts to put a lot of emphasis on the guilds, but that's precisely what we're missing here. I think it would give people an impression of knowing each other, when they saw someone from a guild they are familiar with. It might also help create a more orderly community, encouraging guild leaders to keep their members in check, more or less, to prevent giving their guild a bad name.

So, what do you think of this possibility? Mods and Admins, any chance we could see something like this implemented?

26-03-2006, 21:49
I will talk to Rush and Elly about it. Im not sure how keen they will be on the idea, but it is kinda cool, IMHO. And, hopefully, I have something in the works along these lines this for the site ;)

26-03-2006, 21:57
Thanks! :smiley: Good luck with the site changes, too!