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27-03-2006, 19:02
While i still plan on getting Factions, i am a bit confused by the role of the ritualist.

Why do we need another healer?

Healing already outpaces damage in the game. I would have thought that the Ritualist would have been designed to perform team damage enhancement skills rather than more team defense skills. I am curious as to why arena net chose to make it another healer instead? Team damage enhancement is a role still not really covered in the game. Sure, the necro has a few "order" spells but nothing extensive in scope.

I am not trying to dis the Ritualist, just asking for an explanation as to why it was made a healer. Any one have word on this, or a reasonable theory anyway?

BTW: spirit spamming. Me fears this is going to be a repeat of all the horrid spamming of last summer. I was already starting to see it in the arena over the weekend. Am i alone in this concern?

Goldfish God
27-03-2006, 19:14
1. Ritualists aren't just healers.
2. They heal/play differently to Monks.
3. I don't think ANet wants Monking to be a monopoly. (consider how spike/degen/dps damage dealing is not limited to a single class)

27-03-2006, 19:50
While i still plan on getting Factions, i am a bit confused by the role of the ritualist.
I think that sums your post very well. The Ritualists aren't only healers - they may be almost anything, but they were compared to the Engineers in that FPS game. They build things that help the party both in offense and defense. They have a lot of damage dealing and health giving skills that work better while around said things.

So the (main) role of the Ritualist, IMO, is to control and use spirits.

Why do we need another healer?
I would love to have another healing class in the game, but the Ritualist isn't exactly that. They don't heal as well as a Monk (IMO), but that's a good thing. Thanks to some problems, some Monk players believe they are better/more important than the other Professions - with a hybrid character, players in general may learn that you don't always need a monk, there are ways to work without one.

BTW: spirit spamming. Me fears this is going to be a repeat of all the horrid spamming of last summer. I was already starting to see it in the arena over the weekend. Am i alone in this concern?
The mechanics have been changed since them. Back on the first age of Spirit Spamming, you could have endless copies of the same spirit, and their effects worked on each other. So get the spirit that increases health for all creatures, and suddenly all those spirits would have a lot of health.

This has been removed - spirits don't effect each other now, so they are very fragile. With this and the fact that you can't have more than one of a given spirit at any time, the idea of having spirit spamming is unlikely, I believe.


28-03-2006, 02:31
So the (main) role of the Ritualist, IMO, is to control and use spirits. That's about right. Not only can a balanced ritualist build heal, but it can also cause a lot of battlefield chaos for the opposing side in that their spirits add extra attacks per second to your team (3+ spirits firing away dealing damage, interrupting or blinding).

They don't heal as well as a Monk (IMO) I would disagree, but I think it will take a great deal of time before ritualists get due respect for what it is they are actually capable of. A ritualist will not "spike" heal greater than a monk, but can definately outpace a healing monk on crowd healing.

Using a combination of:
1) The Life spirit, power crowd healing of 120 health to every ally on the mini-map after 30 seconds or earlier using soul twisting for a lessened effect.
2) Recuperation, granting a mass mending effect (+3 regen @ 12 restoration)
3) Union as a mass damage sponge.
4) Shelter, providing a mass, though shortly lived spike protection.
...keeping an entire alliance battle group of 10 alive (after the only 2 monks left) was not even that difficult. Yet people in the battle staging area still did not want anything other than a monk to heal for them. :thumbsdown:

Point is that Ritualists and Monks both have healing abilities, but they are not simply just "healers". They can each fill in different roles, but with only monks as a monopoly on healing few are able to do anything EXCEPT heal or protect. Ritualists bring a whole different healing style to the table. I would think a 1 ritualist + 1 monk combo would be more powerful than 2 monks IMO.

28-03-2006, 04:55
Why do we need another healer?

So people can ***** about it.

Xunlai Agent
28-03-2006, 15:39
Are they dedicated healers? Nope

The Boz
28-03-2006, 18:36
Well, during the 12v12 battles, my Ritualist was often the only healer in a 12-man team, with the occasional E/Mo Heal Partyer every other match. Ritualists keep people alive with great ease. I'd just pop down a Union spirit, throw a couple of Vengeful and Resilient weapons around, and heal with Mend Body And Soul, Wielder's Boon and that other 10e heal skill that's worse than Heal Other in every respect. And with Vengeful Weapon, it's amazing what a little bit of kiting and life-stealing can do to Warriors. Assassins were the pain.

Gordon Michael
29-03-2006, 12:08
We don't really need another healer. We don't need another melee class either. We don't even need secondary proffessions. All we really need is a tank, a pyromancer, a healer/protecter and maybe a ranged attacker and a hexer. It's not about what we need, it's about what we'd like, it's about adding variety and making the game more fun. Right now we have roughly two proffessions capable of ranged spiking, four proffessions capable of crowd control (in other words, ranged multi-target damage), three proffessions capable of multi-target degeneration, three proffessions capable of shutdown, two proffessions capable of damage prevention and only one melee proffession, one tank proffession and one healing proffession and one minion master proffession. In Factions, Ritualists will be able to play the roles of crowd controller, minion master, healer and protecter, while Assassins will be able to play the role of melee spiker, and probably some other roles, I'm not really familiar with their skillset. This will leave warriors as the only (almost) essential proffession, since they'll keep their monopoly on the role of tank until at least Chapter 3.

Anyway ...
- Healing is one of the few party roles that was monopolised by a single proffession in Prophecies.
- Assuming an even distribution of proffessions, 1/6 of characters are currently capable of being healers and 11/36 of characters are currently capable of bringing reusable res skills. Based on the same premise, 1/4 of the characters in Factions would be capable of being healers and 7/16 of characters would be able to bring reusable res skills.
- Due to the bad henchmen AI and skillsets, monk players are basically forced to be healers in parties with one monk, have to be healers or protecters in parties with two monks and aren't really free to use the smiting attribute line except in 3+ monk party. Since there's only about 1 1/3 monks per party of 8, groups with 2 monks take a while to get and groups with 3+ monks are extremely rare. With the addition of Ritualists, teams with 3 characters capable of healing will be much more common, making it a lot easier to play a smiter.