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28-03-2006, 02:12
This preview event weekend I had the opportunity to play as a ritualist through both the Kurzick and Lexon campaigns. Although assassins seemed to be the hot pick. After seeing them perform, or shall I say not perform, I felt my time was quality spent. I think the ritualist really has the possibility of challenging the stereotype that only monk primaries can truly fulfill a healing slot for a group.

I first tried to use the communing skill. I thought I would try and see what these spirits are capable of. In my opinion, this category was mediocre. Comparable to some type of offensive and protection skills/spirits. I tried using the Elite, Ritual Lord which made the binding rituals recharge 70% faster, same conclusion really.

Now onto the meat of the ritualist, their restoration skill set. Half of my time I spent, I only had 12 points in restoration. In the end it went beyond my expectations. To give you an idea, I’ll share my restoration skill set.

(Skill Set – All Restoration Skills)

Preservation (Elite) - Summon a spirit that spams approx. 100+hp heals every 4 seconds. 45 second recast, 5 mana cost. Lasts 60 seconds.

Life – Summons a spirit which did nothing really but sit and charge so to speak. When this spirit dies, it heals everyone for 4-5hp for each second it was alive. 30 second max duration. This combos with my next spell. 10mana, 45 second recharge.

Spirit Transfer – Closest spirit to you looses 40 hp, Target ally gains 4 hp per spirit hp loss. 160 hp is gained per cast roughly. The idea is you sacrifice the “life” sprit hp until it dies to maintain a huge healing potential, however “preservation” was more than hardy enough to maintain this too. *** 5 mana cost, ¼ second cast time and instant recharge***

Mend Body and Soul – This was my other utility heal I used just in case I didn’t have time for a spirit. 5 mana, ¾ second cast time, 3 second recharge and will remove conditions for each spirit in the area I had, if I had them.

(4 other slots to fill as you see fit)

Mana conservation really was not an issue, I was even able to add area and fast-cast nuke skills to this line up without worry I would not be able to maintain. I think the GW design team really hit the nail on the head by making another class a truly full potential healer.

Artemis Shadowhawk
28-03-2006, 04:33
That's really a great idea with Spirit Transfer and Life. I didn't have as much luck with my Restoration Ritualist, but I guess I'll have to take a second go at it.

28-03-2006, 07:07
I did forget to mention that the 2 main spirits I used had a cast time of 3 seconds. I did get interrupted on occasion. Any of the other spirits which has longer than 3 cast times and longer cool downs, I felt like I was wasting time or had a giant target on my head saying interrupt me please. As if the ritual summon animation was not obvious enough.

I was happy with this spirit build. A few of the channeling damage spells resulted in my damaging my own spirits also, which still worked out fine. I figured my spirits servered me in life and in their death taking full advantage of them. I spent a great deal of time healing unworthy assassins with these skills...

As long as others are showing their ritualists heres mine, I was quite proud of him.


I completed all quests on both sides during the preview weekend. I got the 1.5k kurzick armor, the +energy type, I forget the name. I got an evil black moa bird pet, which I named Soul Chicken and I capped about 8 or 9 ritualist elites.

Lady Rhonwyn
28-03-2006, 11:32
I didn't really play with the spirits, except for the offensive ones. But I found out you can cast the spirit just outside aggro range. The way I did it was as following:

just outside aggro range, I would cast Pain and the spirit that causes blindness (forgot the name). Then I would aggro the group. Even if the group didn't move (for example when I would just get my pet back, which was lying down in the middle of the group), the spirits started attacking. Just outside aggro range... That way I could cast my spirits without interruption and still use them...

The +energy was the Halcyon armor (I had the same).

31-03-2006, 01:11
I beleive you're speaking of Shadowsong. :wink:

I must say, Ritualists are definately one of my favorite classes. I'm a monk at heart, so I love the Rit's healing. During the FPE, I ran something like:

Spirit Transfer
Spirit Light
Mend Body and Soul
Healing Breeze
Orison of Healing
Attuned was Songkai
Flesh of my Flesh

and it worked beautifully. I especially liked Spirit Transfer. It was a very quick ~200 point heal for 5 energy. When Factions comes out, I will re-make my Ritualist, and might drop the Monk skills and add Preservation, Weapon of Warding, and maybe Blind Was Mingson.

23-04-2006, 19:52
I love the idea of your build I think it the life/spirit transfer combo is going to be spectacular for the healing ritualist. Nice bird too man great job