View Full Version : My Spiritualist duo farm build!

Zain Inferno
28-03-2006, 05:44
Communing 12 +1(hat...couldn't find an communing runes)
Channeling 8 +2(major rune)
Spawning 10

Spirit Boon Strike
Ritual lord
Painful Bond
Boon of Creation

Basically what i did was take my friend with me who was a warrior. After i put my spirits down he would aggro for a couple seconds using Shelter and Union. I kept my enchants up and with Ritual Lord and Spirit Boon Strike kept Shelter and Union alive to heal my friend. Pain and Bloodsong did the rest. It worked really well on the Kurzick Scarebs or whatever and the Luxon Naga and those groups with those little squid things.