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29-03-2006, 20:53
HI. I haven't yet decided the second professions for my assassin and would like to hear what are u going to chose and why.
In the FPE i played as a A/R, and used basically Bestial Fury+Crit eye+a combo to keep me constantly attacking at 33%. I had always all the enrgy i needed to keep bestial up and spamming combos. Couldn't find a zealous dagger mod but that would really give u all the enrgy u would ever want.

However The damage was too low. I was hitting for about 10 damage depending on the mob, so i'll probably go with the elementalist second profession. I'll be using Conjure Frost and maybe ice prison or shard storm to keep enemies in place while i combo and as an hex for that lead attack (can't remember it's name).
Also water magic has 2 nice armor enchants that can probably make up for the lack of armor of the assassin.
My only problem is that i probably won't have energy for all this together.
What do u think

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30-03-2006, 02:56
I built a very solid A/W build this weekend, switching out my last skill for new ones to try different ways of overcoming the assassins natural weaknesses. I saw a few other people using the same build, as it is a very obvious choice of skills - Shove - Falling Spider - Twisting Fangs - for a knockdown spike that can almost kill a full health target, and Heal signet - shadow refuge - deaths charge for defence, mobility and healing. I ended up using Dark Escape as a run speed/defensive buff, this skill is actually quite impressive, and i was playing 12v12 and a non shadowstepping movement buff that halves damage was perfect for that environment.

I think that the Assassin is better then a warrior with Tactics skills. They have much better energy management options, can charge adreniline if they want to quite fast. I could see running a A/W with the group tactics buffs like shields up, or the new tactics AOE kd shout, in PvP as working better then standard Warrior. And basicly the A/W can afford the shadow arts skills more then a W/A can, so can more safly spam Refuge/heal signet (Shadow Refuge plus Heal signet = 200+ healing with effectivly no armor penalty every 9 seconds for 5 energy and 3 seconds casting) and spike in between healing.


30-03-2006, 18:09
For general PvE use, I honestly found an all-assassin build to be the most effective. The only useful secondary was Monk, simply so that I could get a re-usable rez on my hotbar (Rebirth).

Why did I prefer an all-assassin build? Because the 'sin skillset is very well-rounded with good utility skills, self-healing, and damage mitigation. You have several skills that reduce your damage by 50% (mitigation). You have several good self-healing skills. You have teleport skills that quickly get you out of trouble or quickly to the side of a squishy teammate or quickly to that annoying monk/mesmer foe in the back rank. You have run speed enhancing skills, some of which are combined with teleports. You also have several ways to seriously pump up your energy regen.

Also, the damage output on an 'sin is QUITE respectable. People are way too hung up on big numbers. People don't take into account how fast daggers are, how often you can make them crit, and how much degen you can add to the base dagger damage. You can have bleeding running full time on a foe, and stack poision on top of that about 70% of the time. That's 7 ticks of degen on top of your fast, constant damage and hit number of crits.

Then on top of your fast, constant, high-crit damage and degen, you have many ways to do some moderate spike damage or dazing/blinding/knockdown, etc.

So basically, a pure assassin build can do everything that most people need two different skillsets to accomplish.

I know that A/W or W/A seems a logical choice for many people, but why give up the serious benefits that Dagger Mastery gives you. High DM means more double-strikes from a single attack, which means more crits, which means more energy. By using a weapon other than dagger, you are giving up energy generation and lowering the number of crits. By going Warrior primary, you are giving up the Critical Strikes skill entirely, which completely neuters your true damage output and your energy generation.

So for PvE, I'm going A/Mo, with all skill points in 'sin skills and only one monk spell on my hotbar: Rebirth.

For PvP there are many more options and it depends on your team makeup. You can do some serious spike damage with an A/Me build using Echo and Signet of Shadows, for example, but you'll need healer backup and you'll be relegated to hit and run strikes on strategic soft targets because you can pull off your 300-point spike combo only once every 30 seconds.

30-03-2006, 18:29
After the Beta weekend, i'm 100% positive i'll continue with an Assassin/Ranger. I don't think much ahead, all combinations are good in certain ways. I just think a ranger as 2nd prof. is more.. Logical? Assassins should be good at throwing/shooting things =P
Or i'm just doing it for the pet and the poison. :rolleyes:

30-03-2006, 18:35
Do not forget Flesh of my Flesh, a very viable infight rez if you manage to retreat to the back, more useful than resurrect or restore life imo, it cannot replace Rebirth for solo pve when you have to rez all your henchies without aggroing though.

The damage of the assassin does not even come from the crits: 17 max damage plus 35% and crit is not going to be that impressive either, even if you do them frequently:

All the damage lies in the combo chain.

30-03-2006, 22:31
The damage of the assassin does not even come from the crits: 17 max damage plus 35% and crit is not going to be that impressive either, even if you do them frequently:

All the damage lies in the combo chain.

On the surface, this is all very true. However, where the genious of the class design comes into play is the interplay of:

A. higher Critical Strikes = more Crits = more energy regen
B. higher Dagger Mastery = more double strikes

That 17 max damage becomes 34 max damage on a double strike. You have a base 20% chance to double-strike with only 10 Dagger Mastery. You have a skill that can add another 20% chance on top of that.

Also, you're not factoring in how easy it is to tack an additional 7 ticks of health degen on top of the basic dagger/crit damage. Bleeding can be kept on full time, and Poison for 70% of the time. Only sword warriors can come even halfway close to this degen ability.

Even more important, in my opinion, is the fact that Assassins can be energy generating machines with 13 in Critical Strikes. Energy regen is the weak spot of Warriors. So one one level:

Warrior = +40 base AL (half phys dam relative to assassins) and higher weapon damage, but very little energy for supplemental spells/skills

Assassin = lower weapon damage (but not by a huge amount when you consider double-strikes) but MUCH more energy to play with. To the tune of 4 ticks of regen like any caster plus an additional +4 energy per crit, which happens damn often with 13 in Critical Strikes and Critical Eye running (which can be running full-time). And that +40 base AL that warriors get is largely offset by a number of 'sin skills that provide 50% less damage for significant lengths of time, plus much better self-healing than warriors get.

So a warrior can tank and do some damage spiking and serious AOE damage but they don't have anywhere near the versatility of a 'sin, who has many many useful interrupts, dazes, blinds, degen skills, SERIOUS movement-based tactics, much better self-healing, almost comparable damage mitigation (for spike durations, anyway).

I'm not saying an A/W build is bad, or even a W/A build. These can be very useful for tactical spike damage in PvP, I think. But for all-around PvE use, I think a versatile "pure" 'sin offers a lot of important flexibility compared to a build that tries to use warrior damage, but doesn't lose all that much in damage output when you factor in crits, double-strikes, and degen capabilities.

31-03-2006, 01:08
I played an A/R, with Apply Poison, Charm Animal, and Comfort Animal. May add Troll Ungent to the skillbar, and either expand on beast mastery or remove it completely (depending on the situation). Traps might be fun too, especially with teleporting. I focused mainly on Assassin skills for the FPE, though- my first character is a ranger primary, so I know most of them by heart.

31-03-2006, 03:09
I think I will most definately pick Ranger as my secondary proffesion, probably focusing on Wilderness Survival for the Poison/Troll Unguent and Stances. On teh assasin side Ill probably focus on Dagger Mastery and Critical Strikes putting extra points into Shadow Arts.