View Full Version : Can you Cast two weapon spells on an assassin?

03-04-2006, 21:21

:english: Hmmmm yes. .. I tip my hat to anyone that knows!

03-04-2006, 21:59
What does yu-gi-oh got to do with guild wars?

Now, tip your hat to me :)

03-04-2006, 22:07
My guess is no. The daggers to me arnt even considered "Dual Wielding." Both daggers together attack at the same speed as a sword and there is no option to take one dagger. I see daggers as a two handed sword. Although this doesnt prove that they can only have 1 weapon spell on, I think there would have to be serious balancing if it were 2.

03-04-2006, 22:46
What does yu-gi-oh got to do with guild wars?lol

I was really holding back from posting that image!

But the fact that I found it compelled me.

I actually found a Yu-Gi-Oh deck in the gutter a few days ago. . .

If I ever had a craving to play the game it is most certinely dead now that I had a chance to read over some of the cards.

:english: and yes. . . you sir. . .get a tip of my hat

04-04-2006, 00:52
Yes you can cast two weapn spells on assassins. Well you can as long as you don' mind the first one getting removed.

Guess that probably works out as a no then really. :/

Actually, has anybody found a weapon spell that does more damage for the energy than an extra dagger attack ? Eveybody seems to love the idea, but I just don't see A/Rt as being worth it. Of course, a proper Ritualist boosting Assassins on his team for nice big spikes would be great, but can't get excited about A/Rt.

05-04-2006, 14:24
Actually, has anybody found a weapon spell that does more damage for the energy than an extra dagger attack ? Yes.

If you are an E/A you can get upwards of +20 damage per attack for 1 minute 12 seconds on conjur *element spell.

I pity the fools that use repeating strike. . .


05-04-2006, 14:39
Do not forget: 20 extra damage that gets reduced by armor.

While Repeating Strike does really +x damage that does not get reduced and requires no extra investment in any kind of elemental magic.

05-04-2006, 16:49
Very true Longasc!

Rangers and warriors specifically with sentinel armor are a little harder to take down.

The real pain though is shielding hands!

When a monk casts that on themselves I start doing 98% less damage. :cry:

Despite this E/A is still going to be my main character that I roll in Factions.

05-04-2006, 18:42
Oh, maybe you can share your E/A build?

I had an Elementalist in mind that death charges in and recalls out, dealing damage with PBAoEs. But you can hardly call this Assassin, I only use two Assassins skills for this trick.

Do not worry too much about shielding hands - it is not that common in PvE so far and Monks usually do not have the slot free to carry it with them.

Maybe if Assassins become a plague in future builds, who knows. :)