View Full Version : Where will the Assassins prove thier worth in Guild Wars?

04-04-2006, 11:23
I have ben rifting through the forums and i have heard my things ranging from "How good a runner will the Assassin be?" right through to "The next useless profession in PvE" and quite frankly im fed up of it. Its time to prove those people wrong.

Assassins are there for one purpose, to kill. Lets look at it in a different light to see this better. In real life assassins are trained to kill as quickly and possible with ruthless efficiency and get out very quickly before they are overpowered. Guild Wars, as far as i can tell have made the assassin to do exactly this. The first clue of this is the fact that they have chain attacks. They will find a target, leach the life out of it with thier daggers and then move on to the next lone target. The chian attacks allow them to annialate the target as fast as possible. The next skill that alerts me to their primary job is Aura of Displacement. They will cast it at a location and then go out and kill thier tagets, then de-activate the skill to move back to their initial casting location. They will kill and then regen and then move out and find the next lone runner.

Assassins are not made to be runners and they are not made to be tanks. they find a target and cover them in gash marks from with speedy daggers. This is how they are played. They can also pick off flag runners and relic dasher. People with no support are easy pickings for any practiced Assassin. Even in PvE there will be a group witht he odd target which strays fromt he group, the assassin will not focus on the main group unlike the rest of the team, but focus on these strayting targets.

If you are going to make any comment on this, then please keep in mind that the players are both of equal health, level and both have maxed out items with all skills unlocked, this occassion in very rare but it does raise the question. Is thier an ultimate build in Guild Wars? No there isn't just better builts and favourites are commonly used

Master Divine
04-04-2006, 14:23
Yes i have noticed this too it seems the GW assasin is a form of a tank he's not that inderect and he goes right ahead and slashs the opponet the only form of which were he is partaily inderect is his shadow jumping i would say that assasins are not made for running either.

The assasins in guild wars are all about criticles and quick use of their skills. If you can lay 8 of their skills on a person then their probobly dead. I say the assasin is made to kill the opponet quickly and waste all their effort at the starting seconds. This is why they will take down warriors

04-04-2006, 14:35
Damage dealers are always good as they deal damage which kills enemies which makes the battles go faster.

The problem is that all damage dealers bring these pluses to the table. As an only damage dealer you are left with the 'scrap' slots in groups after the needed ones are filled.

I know that this isn't the same game but the same principle applies. I played a hunter on world of warcraft and much of the time only got groups when they just had an extra damage slot left. I couldn't say I did such and such as another damage dealer got the job done just as well.

04-04-2006, 15:29
As Shaktiboi pointed out, the power of the Assassin lies not in DPS, but in tactical DPS.

I feel he said it best in his stickied "DPS Guide".