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Icarus Tyler
06-04-2006, 17:59
Hello there

Many of you surely know this thread (http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=381783), where is shown, that, besides the A/Rt, the ranger-combination is very popular. I voted for A/Ranger too and of course created one for the FPE.

This is my report of how it was playing an Assassin/Ranger, and I hope you share your thoughts with me.

1. Apply Poison
Now this was a main reason for making an A/Ra. The Assassin is a close-combatter, so additional poison damage would be great. And the pre-order items even support poisoning!

But in reality it's a bit ... difficult. Assassins have 25 base energy, and this is normally consumed by a good combo. A really good combo even takes up more energy.

Apply Poison costs 15 energy, that's more than the half. While playing I got used to shadow step right into the enemies, and the few seconds load-up were just too long for me. And as already said, after that it's impossible to strike a 2-seconds-combo.

2. Comfort Animal
This is what we all have been waiting for. A companion who takes up the warrior part and distracts from you :smiley:, and besides, it's extremely cool to fight with a pet.

Unfortunately getting a pet to level 20 was time-consuming so I couldn't really value this option.

3. Snare
This skills is just great. A 5-energy-trap, 2 secs, cripples all enemies around you. It's really coool to shadow step right among the enemies and lay this up to watch how all become crippled.

The negative thing here was again the activation time of 2 seconds, during which you get easily interrupted when having 7 monsters around you.

Except this it is great.

4. Troll Unguent
This is one of the Rangers best skill, and one of the best-healing skills in the game (well, except for monk skills maybe :smiley: ).

As I said in point 1 Assassin-skills have activation times of mostly zero seconds. Troll Unguent takes 3 seconds, what makes it a good healing-skill when being away from the battle, but standing in a mob it makes you vulnerable for 3 seconds which you could use to set up a 2-seconds-combo.

On the other hand the Assassin has even without being a Ranger or a monk very good healing skills that don't need skill point in secondary-profession-attributes, so they can be used in the primary-profession attributes for a more efficient playstyle.

Well, these are my thoughts about the ranger-skills I used mostly during the FPE. Tell me what you think about them and also about other combinations.

Icarus Tyler