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07-04-2006, 12:56
I'm looking forward to creating a guild...One where all the characters have cool names, look cool, have high levels, and are willing to go on missions together and be available. However, this guild's members gotta be in characters, as in act out the game is real (something like the Akatsuki in Naruto)...it is, after all, a ROLE-PLAYING game.

The Guild will operate as an organisation, must know when to be serious and when to laugh. We will have officers, members, and requirements to go higher up the Guild. If this Guild becomes what I hope it will be, It will hopefuly expand greatly, with every one trying to apply. It will also provide the equipment and the K needed to improve its members. There will also be occupations within the Guild, such as strategists, commanders, and Advisors. The members will have to contribute to the Guild monthly, but its all to their advantage. The Guild will have to have all active members, because if they do not come online for a certain period of time without informing certain officials, they will get booted. These are high standard requirements for a Guild, I admit, but its for those with high ambitions. I haven't made the Guild yet, but I will when I have the right amount of members contacting me, and when the neccessary preparations are made. My IG exams are on in about two months, but after that ill be extremely active...those who are interested contact me on GW (Soul Kane), or reply to this thread. Your names will then be listed unless you cancel your application. thank you...

12-04-2006, 11:21
Ok. It does look like no one is interested, but maybe some of you are and deciding to talk to me on GW. I would really appreciate it if you reply to this thread as well...thanks