View Full Version : Why does Anet hate PvE/PvP so much ?

07-04-2006, 15:56
This is my personnal pet peeve.

In most rants, either from the PvEer or the PvPer point of view, it usually ends with something like " Why does Anet hate us ?".

I don't think that I have to write a lenghty explication of why a company wanting to make profits doesn't hate its customer. But apparently it is lost on some people.

I know that this is a public forum and you can say everything you want as long as it doesn't irk a mod, but come on.. saying that a company hates you because they modified a skill or removed/not removed something from the game, is rather stupid in my very humble opinion.

Can't the moderation team do something about that ?

(This has come to a point that I see three or four "Anet hates me" posts a day.. And if you really think that Anet hates you, please seek medical attention.)

07-04-2006, 16:29
People are free to voice their opinion. It may not be a constructive opinion, but it is their opinion. As long as there isnt any outright bashing, we dont really edit/delete posts. Its not really our duty to edit it so that everything looks good about ANet. We want people to feel like they can express themselves, but the more constructive their critisisms are, the more likely they will be taken into consideration by ANet. Does that help answer why we leave things like that?

07-04-2006, 16:33
I see your point and this is the best solution.. but I had to vent :).