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11-04-2006, 05:09
Hopefully I found something this time as some ppl may know my last "find"... turned out a bit disappointing, again I appologize if this has already been posted but in my brief search I couldn't so here we go:


I found this in Ascalon near the border to the Shiverpeaks among some of the more impressive ruins, I suppose it could be Grenth but to me it looks similar to the Seer or perhaps one of his race? Your thoughts?

11-04-2006, 05:48
Interesting - I never looked at that in that particular way. I think it's pretty much agreed upon by the lore community that this is Grenth. You did give me a pause for a second although.

Why not present your arguements? Post a picture of the Seer and do a side by side comparsion and so on.

11-04-2006, 06:13
atm i dont have a picture of the seer, my argument is that u dont actually see grenth's face but here a face is visible, although different from the seer (as to be expected if its a different member of the same race), it shares several similar characteristics, for one the face is long and the eyes are large, the design on the shoulders (perhaps from the building behind) again remind me of the should pads the seer has... not the strongest arguement but maybe itll raise further investigation?

Serena Corvidae
11-04-2006, 06:22
Seyfert, I think Barinthus is right - this is a picture of Grenth, rather than a Seer. If you go to Ascalon City to where Symon the Scribe stands there are depictions of the five Gods, one of the depictions is the image you have posted in this thread.

11-04-2006, 06:31
ahhh... someday... ill find something at least i've learned something today *trying to remain optimistic*

Quintus Antonius
11-04-2006, 17:20
This is indeed a picture of Grenth. According to the Art of Guild Wars book that came with the CE of the original release of the game, it is an early artists conception of Grenth. All the murals of the various Old Gods we see are just early artists conceptions that were reused as nice textures to put on walls and banners in game.

The mural also almost exactly matches the statues of Grenth we find around Tyria and Cantha.

Necromancers learn early that the way to true power is by bowing down at the foot of the god of death and ice and pledging total, undying allegiance. Statues of Grenth depict the god with the body of a man and the skeletal head of a drawn-faced bease... (Guild Wars 47)

Seyfert, don't become discouraged just because you first few hypotheses never pan out. Even the most sucessful scientists end up finding more dead ends than they do successful ventures. The easiest way to avoid this is to research, research, and research. When you find something, take many screenshots, check a variety of sources, and make sure when you post you have a very clear and conscise argument that can stand up against criticism. Even then, parts of your theory will probably be proven wrong, but if you do a good job, the theory as a whole will probably stand. It's a lot of work sometimes, but rewarding in the end.

12-04-2006, 03:52
Oh gosh, so many of my ideas has been shot down by this forum ;) Keep it up, Seyfert!

Quintus - sigh, I absolutely insist that you scan up that damn book of yours and post those! ;) Ahh I need to haul my lazy backside over to Ebay and see if they have a copy or two.