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Baruk Durmegil
16-04-2006, 04:10
I dont know the skills for the assassin very well(I was on vacation during the FPE) would Assassin/Ranger be a good build?

Was thinking I could teleport in attack with daggers(hopefully kill them), teleport back, and then attack with a bow while get my energy back.

16-04-2006, 06:32
If you're doing A/R i'd stick with the bow.

If you want higher melee gain with the same setup then you'd have to roll a R/A.

I wish I could tell you more about A/R and bow builds around them, but I didn't get the chance to try one.

All i know is that if A/R sucks you can always change your secondary profession to something else later if you get sick of it.

16-04-2006, 06:42
I dont know the skills for the assassin very well(I was on vacation during the FPE) would Assassin/Ranger be a good build?

Was thinking I could teleport in attack with daggers(hopefully kill them), teleport back, and then attack with a bow while get my energy back.

A/R could work, but the idea you're suggesting imho isn't a very good one. Basically you'd be spreading yourself too thin, and with no good reason.

-first as an assassin, if you have any points in critical strikes, you'll be gaining energy relatively consistently while attacking...so there's no need to teleport away to regen energy...just keep attacking and don't use any skills for a second, and it'll be back up in no time (teleporting away for health reasons, sure, for energy...no point).

-second, in general it's not a good idea to specialize in two weapon skills...Warriors, for example have access to 3 types of weapons, and different varieties of skills in each line, but you'll never see a build based around switching weapons. The reason is that since you can only attack with one of those weapons at a time, the other skill is wasted while you're using that one. So in your example, while you're attacking with your daggers...those points you sunk into bow mastery are doing nothing for you. You may as well have put them into shadow arts to make yourself more survivable or some other skill tree to boost your damage output with daggers. Also, having 12 ranks in dagger mastery is not enough to make you a killing machine, you also need skills. Skills help you do some impressive damage as an assassin, but you can only have 8 total. In many situations you should bring a resurrection signet or spell, so that leaves you with 7. A self heal is nice, in case the healer is slow, and maybe some defense, maybe a teleport as well, so now we've got 4 left. Many of the best dagger attacks are dual strikes, which need to be executed after a lead and offhand atatck...so that effectively takes up 2 or 3 skill slots for daggers. Now you've got maybe 1 or 2 skill slots left, which you could use for buffs to make you more effective overall, or utility spells that may remove conditions or hexes or something like that, so that you're harder to counter...or more attack skills to make your dagger chain even more deadly. If you use those skills for bow attacks, which help to make using a bow worthwhile (like interrupts, or damaging attacks/preparations), you'll find that half the time you're not able to use a decent portion of the skills on your bar...this makes you inefficient, and also makes your character harder to play...and with skill points spread thin between critical strikes, bows, daggers, and whatever you're using to keep yourself alive, you'll quickly find that you're not very good at anything.

-That said, there are still reasons to play an A/R...just not the ones you had originally envisioned. There are a lot of Assassin and Ranger abilities that compliment eachother without requiring you to use 2 separate weapons, for example:

Tiger's fury in the beast mastery line makes you attack faster...with a high dagger skill, you will be attacking very frequently...with both this and locusts fury...it'll be ridiculous.

Some skills like apply poison could be used to cause poison with your dagger attacks, stack this with bleeding from sharpen blades or jagged strike, and you've got a good basis for a damage over time/ condition build.

Wilderness survival also has some very good survival skills, which you could take instead of shadow arts to keep your fragile hide alive and kicking (or stabbing). For example troll unguent.

Another option is to be a critical ranger. High critical strikes, high bow skills, and you'll do some very respectable damage, spamming barrage with a zealous bow and high critical strikes, will keep you in energy fairly easily, allowing you to pull off some of the more expensive bow attacks fairly regularly...use skills like critical eye, to increase your critical strikes even more...Shadow arts could allow you to teleport away if the enemy tries to close in, or deadly arts, with skills like caltrops could help with the same...it'd also allow you to hang back with the other casters and protect them by slowing any melee who try to rush in.

So there's lots of reasons to try A/R (and other reasons to try R/A...read around on these forums for advice on chosing between them)...but whatever you do chose, you should remember a basic guideline for any build in this game...don't try to do too many things, or you'll find yourself struggling to do any of them effectively.

16-04-2006, 06:44
I played A/R during the FPE and to be honest the only skill I used from the Ranger set was Troll Ungent to counter conditions if I managed to get to a safe spot. If you're going to play the assassin primary, you're most likely going to rely more so on sin's skills than the secondary. This is the same for any class though to say the least, I enjoyed it but I did not get a long enough chance to test all the skills. If you need defensive stances, ranger secondary is the way to go in my opinion; as long as you're useing the daggers.

If you're going to use the bow I would just go R/A like stated. Expertise is worth it for the bow skills and other possibly expensive sin skills.

16-04-2006, 12:41
There is a very strong chance that my PvE Assassin will be A/R for one reason - flexibility. Assassin, like the warrior, is another class that is very well rounded in it's own right, and I certainly expect that (like the warrior) most PvP sins will only take one or two secondary profession skills. For PvE though I think it's nice to be able to do lots of different things with your character, rather han just stick to one 'uber' build. From my experimentation so far, I don't think there is another combo that gives you more variety in style of play than the A/R.

Daggers and Bows are both viable, though not necessarily in the way they would be for an R/A. Wilderness not only gives you great degen possibilities from Apply Posion (especially stacked with Jagged/Sharpen Daggers) and has a huge array of utility skills such as Trolls Unguent (good self heal option) and even traps. Beast Mastery lets you take a pet, which is great fun in PvE regardless of relative power levels, and lets you take Beastial (aka Tigers) Fury, which turns the Assassin into an awesome damage dealing machine (vamp daggers highly recommended).

Fancy the bow option though ? Try bow + Barrage + Sharpen Daggers + Critical Eye, or bow + Siphon Strength + Expose Defences + whatever nasty attacks you want to land on your target (interrupts always good).

Now, the main complaint may be that Ranger and Assassin are too similar in many ways, but that is exactly what makes so many of their skills combine well together. I'm not going to say that this is the best or most powerful combination possible, but it's certianly one that gives you value for money from your gameplay.