View Full Version : The Assassins official Nickname - Round #2 - Let's vote!

Icarus Tyler
17-04-2006, 13:50
Hello there, fellow Assassins

This is the continuation of this thread (http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=393790), and now we will finally see which name is the most popular.

I vote for "Sin", it's short, it's cool, it's evil.

Icarus Tyler

17-04-2006, 14:06
I'll always keep saying Assassin, so I voted for Assassin.
Just can't get used to 'Sin', even though it sounds cool.

17-04-2006, 16:04
Sin or Assassin is fine. I am used to both since I just got back from playing ragnarok.

17-04-2006, 22:14
asn or sin....diablo 2

17-04-2006, 22:23
I need more than one vote *tear*

Sassy, sin, asn....all suit me (D2 ftw :grin: ). Course "Assassin" technically isn't a nick-name :wink:

18-04-2006, 00:00
One way or another a nickname will stick, alongside Assassin. Currently Sin has stuck as the nickname. While I feel that if you get enough people using another nickname you could change that, Assassin is not a nickname so if you vote for Assassin you are voting for letting everyone else decide. And they have decided Sin.

Goldfish God
18-04-2006, 00:37
Sin is just the arse end of the word assassin so I can't really ever say I'd use it. Asn sits nicely with the general "leave letters out" spelling that pervades online games in general, without being ridiculous.

18-04-2006, 06:48
I think Sin or Asn will probably be the most used abbreviation. However, I rant: Abbreviation?, come on, it's so much better to use normal language!

18-04-2006, 09:24
Yeah during the FPE I saw more than just a couple refer assassins to "sin"s. I have no problem with it. It'll take some time getting used to but I can see myself calling them sins.

Laibeus Lord
18-04-2006, 10:11
you sinful humans!
I'll call them *** :p

-- I guess in 1 months time, the accepted short name for the class will surface, waving a golden flag.

Right now, everybody's using whatever they want.

18-04-2006, 10:29
The only time I'll refer to them as *** will be if I get ganked out of nowhere by the person.


Otherwise to me it's a pointless nickname.

18-04-2006, 13:52
The only time I'll refer to them as *** will be if I get ganked out of nowhere by the person. Hahha :)

Ok I noticed that my choice of "Bad Dudes" isn't an option up there so I feel I will have to mock this thead once again.


While I realized that typing out A.S.S.A.S.S. puts a lot of stress on your left hand. . .


I'd like to point out that my left hand Is not Crippled so I plan to spell the whole thing out in game.

Laibeus Lord
18-04-2006, 13:56
use Dvorak keyboard :p
that's what I use.

18-04-2006, 23:00
So far, I've abbreviated them using the first 3 letters of the character class, even when refering to my precious Beta Weekend character. Though I called her "assa" occasionally instead, because I was kind of fond of her.

I will most certainly stick to this abbreviation ("***") when refering to assassins in random pickup groups when I am monking. I am quite certain that this class will quickly get the worst reputation for "ignores the energy broadcast, aggros half the map, dies quickly, and then curses the monk" attitudes; worse than Wa/Mos.

However, I'm still going to make one myself. :cloud9:

Deus Invictus
19-04-2006, 01:01
i used *** to abriviate

19-04-2006, 21:05
Yep, they were always ***'s in Diablo, so I will always call them ***'s in GW also.

Pimp My Platypus
19-04-2006, 22:56
Lytha, I know your a monk because monks are the only characters who bring out the worst in all other professions, go on strikes and hate hand to hand melee agros. :D I must admit warriors are stupid and a good ranger can tank, hell I once was tanking with my elementalist! But I like the assasins, exactly why I'm on this forum and I'm happy with Assasin as they're name, but A/? will probably get used a bit. I'm also expecting that in the first to weeks there will be mainly assasins and ritualists, but then everyone will delete. Then some people will get really good with them and make them popular, exactly what happened to the ranger, rejected at first, then loved by all. I use a ranger, yes, and it may seem a little biased with saying I hate warriors and all, but I have my views, and not many warriors use this forum anyways.

21-04-2006, 13:24
Lytha, I know your a monk because monks are the only characters who bring out the worst in all other professions, go on strikes and hate hand to hand melee agros. :D
Yup, I've got a monk and I monked a bit during the beta weekend with a new account and those skills presets (no energy management ftw?) And I'm going to make a monk as soon as I have Factions. My assassin can wait a bit, until the first rush is over.

So, in the beta weekend: At one point, there was this assassin and me. We had left the marketplace with a group of 3 and the 3rd person was still downloading the map, when the *** went off to fight. I used up my whole energy into healing him, then I couldn't pump out enough heals to keep him alive anymore, he died. He told me to obligatory line: "OMFG HEAL!!!"

Yeah well. Incidents like this (or the "tanking eles" (rotfl) who probably don't notice all the funny blue numbers over their heads at all) make a monk a bit cranky indeed.

22-04-2006, 07:00
I'm still going to call them "Assassins". :tongue:

But if I'm pressed for typing time, I'll stick to "***" or just "A".