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17-04-2006, 16:43
Yes, the unstoppable sin.

I decided to try to rewire my previous build ("True Sin") due to the fact that I know I will get factions. <- Thanks Easter Bunny ^_^
In my last build people told me it wouldn't work because of dependance upon the amount of chain attacks. They also stated it has no self heal. Well earlier this morning I found a way to protect myself from hexes long enough to complete my guarunteed kill chain.

Name: Unstoppable Sin
Creator: StickyPanda

Class: Assassin/Monk
Level: 20

Critical Strikes: 11 (10+1) (10+3 is fine too.)
Dagger Mastery: 16 (12+4)
Shadow Arts: 9 (8+1)
Healing Prayers: 2


Daggers, a variety of mods can go on here: crippled, deep wound, poison, health. Take your pick. I reccomend max damage for obvious reasons.

PVP (12v12 to be exact) Configuration

- Purge Conditions (Monk other)
Remove all Conditions (Poison, Disease, Blindness, Dazed, Bleeding, Crippled, and Deep Wound) from target ally.
Energy:5 Cast:0.25 Recharge:20 Good energy, Good cast, Semi-Okay recharge
>>Use to remove blind/dazed or whatever. Most enemies will not check to make sure you are blinded every second of battle, they will throw it on once and then attack. If you find yourself to be condition'd just use this skill (if you are in a chain just stop and use it, you will not lose your place in the chain and your conditions on them will take care of your absence for .25 seconds.

- Way of Perfection (Shadow Arts)
For 25 seconds, whenever you successfully make a critical hit you gain 25 health.
Energy:5 Cast:1 Recharge:30: Good energy, decent cast, lasts long enough for recharge to be decent.
>>I was also told I could not heal myself. This is an effective self heal. Despite popular belief this isn't really a conditional heal. You only need health in a battle and that is when this gives you health.

- Way of the Lotus (Shadow Arts)
For 25 seconds, the next time you hit target foe with a dual attack skill, you gain 11 Energy.
Energy:5 Cast:1 Recharge:20: Good energy, decent cast, lasts longer than recharge so it is excellent.
>>Just a little something incase you face energy management issues. It is also a hex and this is the small piece that starts the deadly combo.

- Black Mantis Thrust (Dagger Mastery) LEAD ATTACK
If this attack hits, you strike for +21 damage. If target foe is suffering from a Hex, that foe is Crippled for 17 seconds.
Energy:5 Cast:0 Recharge:12: Good energy, no cast, no need to worry about recharge (see skill: Moebius Strike)
>>Because the foe is hexed you jsut cripple the foe as well as striking for extra decent damage.

- Jungle Strike (Dagger Mastery) OFF-HAND ATTACK
Must follow a lead attack. If it hits, this attack strikes for +21 damage. If it hits a foe that was Crippled, it does +33 damage.
Energy:5 Cast:0 Recharge:12: Good energy, no cast, no need to worry about recharge (see skill: Moebius Strike)
>>Because the foe is crippled you just hit for an excellent +54 damage.

- Twisting Fangs (Dagger Mastery) DUAL ATTACK
Must follow an off-hand attack. If it hits, Twisting Fangs strikes for +12 damage and struck foe suffers from Bleeding and Deep Wound for 21 seconds.
Energy:10 Cast:0 Recharge:12 Don't worry about energy (see skill: Way of The Lotus) No cast Don't worry about recharge (see skill: Moebius Strike)
>>Because you have Way of The Lotus on this skill is free and actually gives you 1 energy. THis also lengthens bleeding for 21 more seconds and adds in a nice deep wound.

- Moebius Strike [Elite] (Dagger Mastery) OFF-HAND ATTACK
Must follow a Dual Attack. If it hits, Moebius Strike strikes for +37 damage. If you strike a foe whose Health is below 50%, all your other attack skills are recharged.
Energy:5 Cast:0 Recharge:10 Good energy, no cast, decent recharge.
>>Recharges all previous attack moves since by now the enemy betterb e under 50% (because if its not either: are fighting an enemy with a prot monk, a heal monk, or a troll unguent ranger.(<-This spell is annoying, if fighting a ranger with this just go fight another enemy.)) This attack also hits for +37 damage.

- Critical Strike (Critical Strikes)
Must follow an off-hand attack. If it hits, this attack strikes for +8 damage and resuslts in a critical hit.
Energy:5 Cast:0 Recharge:12 Good energy, no cast, decent recharge.
>>=8 damage you may think is meh. But add your base damage + 8 times 40% plus 20% armor penetration + the energy gain +the fact that you heal yourself. This makes this spell a good finisher (if they are not already dead)

PVE configuration
(Remove mend ailment and add restore life or choice of rez.)


I do not know which does more damage->Critical strike or Death Blossom<- if you think one is more powerful you can opt to interchange them. There is no difference in energy, cast, or recharge.

When using this as a 12v12 build. Here is who you need to attack(in this order) : eles, warriors, monks, (if they start to pull funny crap where you hit for 0s and they gain more health then they lose just run. monks arent offencive and will not pursue you) mesmers (Mend ailment ftw), assassins, necros (if you see a MM he goes on the tip top of this list), ritualists (cut through them before they can use a summon), rangers.

IF for some reason you run out of energy just attack normally, hitting crits will heal you and give you energy besides the fact that you regen on your own. You will not lose your chain if you stop using skills btw.

If you can't remember the chain it is buttons 1-8.

Please give CC or compliments. I worked really hard making this build and this thread. Be sure to read all of it before posting. I don't want to flame you because you posted nonsence that could've been prevented if you read the thread.

Don't forget to answer this:

Thankyou for reading this.

17-04-2006, 16:52
Hex breaker will only stop blind from ineptitude and glimmering mark (a hex that will cause blindness (a condition) when you next attack). You can still be blinded from throw dirt, dust trap, blinding flash, signet of midnight, belly smash etc. and this only includes chapter 1 skills.

17-04-2006, 17:03
I have fixed this, just stuck in mend ailment. You should be able to use this in battle without having to worry about breaking the chain. It also makes good use in case you fight a warrior.

19-04-2006, 21:26
That would lose to anything with evasion.