View Full Version : Yet Another Way to Search GWOnline

22-04-2006, 03:24
If you keep getting errors on searches (after trying the workarounds mentioned in other threads), or would prefer a different interface for searching (namely, Google's), take advantage of a nifty little option Google provides when specifying a search: add site: forums.gwonline.net to the end of your query when typing in a google search.

Thus, if I were looking for "tormentors armor" (a search query which the built-in search doesn't seem to like), I'd type tormentors armor site:forums.gwonline.net into Google's search box, and run the search.

You'll find this technique to work remarkably well, as long as you aren't searching for threads created extremely recently. :smiley:

22-04-2006, 04:48
In actuality, I find that google is able to search pages created recently quite quickly. In my experiences it took them at most an hour to update to display a thread in their search results. So, yeah, as long as you don't need to search threads created in the last hour, you'll do just fine w/ google :)

Long live Google!

Xunlai Agent
22-04-2006, 11:27
This is nice info nonetheless