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Digital Bath
26-04-2006, 00:06
I was just thinking about a fun little idea I had while reading through the Rit spells. I was thinking something along the lines of having a necro summon some minions (the more pets you can get for this, the better), and get some spirits out that you wouldn't mind losing (ranger or rit). Cast Signet of Creation, then Cast Death Nova on as many of the little buggers you can. Have the Necro, or whomever the minion master is, run on up through some mobs with a proc spell on him, and watch the fun.

The other idea I was thinking about and was wondering how they worked to begin with was Weapon of Quickening and Ghostly Haste. Is ghostly haste a self cast only spell or applicable to other teammates? Would these 2 spells stack with each other on the same ally if it is possible? I would assume they would as one is a weapon buff while the other is an enchantment.

I can't remember how spirits work (been a while since I played). When the caster of a spirit dies, does the spirit die as well or does the spirit continue on until it's own timer dissipates? I can see some fun if it is the latter. I can see Restoration (the spell) become a staple of many groups for like a FoW mob or some huge bum rush mob. Cast the spell when you know people are gonig to be dieing and just try to keep it up as best as possible. This holds true for Lively Was Naomei as well. It seems that the Rit might be a bit of a better choice for bum rushes than a priest since their heals are more efficient.

More ideas to come as I think of them and other fun ideas are welcomed.:cool:

26-04-2006, 14:39
yea spirits live even when you die...

Digital Bath
26-04-2006, 21:51
Well, that's good to know :grin: That will make that spirit very useful in parties....

Hmmm, urge to roll ritualist and not assassin first rising....:wave: