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Morning Storm
27-04-2006, 23:26
This is something I had just thought up off the top of my head, it is supposed to be a sort of support party member. I think the best way to get stress off the monks is to lessen the healing they have to do. :)

16-Spawning Power

Create a level 1-7 spirit. The spirit's attacks cause Blindness for 1-5 second(s). This spirit dies after 30 seconds.

Create a level 1-8 spirit. Allies within its range cannot lose more than 10% maximum Health from a single attack. When this spirit prevents damage, it loses 60-36 Health. This spirit lasts 30-54 seconds.

Create a level 1-7 spirit. Whenever an ally in its range takes damage, that damage is reduced by 15 and the spirit takes 15 damage. The spirit dies after 30-54 seconds.

Boon of Creation-Spawning
For 15-51 seconds, whenever you create a creature, you gain 5-41 Health and 3-7 Energy.

Ritual Lord-Spawning
For 30 seconds, your Rituals recharge 15-63% faster.

Create a level 1-8 spirit. Attacks made by foes within its range are "evaded." Every time an attack is evaded this way, this spirit takes 60-44 damage. This spirit dies after 30-54 seconds.

Rupture Soul-Spawning
Target allied spirit is destroyed. All nearby enemies are struck for 50-122 lightning damage and become blinded for 3-10 seconds..

Feast of Souls-Spawning
Destroy all nearby allies' spirits. For each spirit destroyed in this way, all party members are healed for 50-90 Health.

My only worry is that this build is trying to do too much in a single battle. I found battles were pretty short during the FPE though; they might change this.

Anyways, it is pretty much useful for crowd control and determining the amount of damage the whole party takes. Shadowsong is a good spirit but really only useful on warriors or assassins.

Use Draw Spirit to put spirits out of harms way or send them in the front lines for nuking(rupture soul). Feast of Souls is for emergency heals(and to keep spirit flow).

I kind of want to know how I can improve this build and what I should add or take out. Sorry if I am asking a bit too much. And the wall of text as well..

Skill descriptions taken from gwonline's list.