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Edgar Wellington
03-05-2006, 00:30
There are alot of concepts floating around for ritualist builds but i want to see some :D

i know there are a few on already but i know there are more...

the one problem im having is getting to all those elites, if there are builds that arent built around riualist elites that would be nice

Dawn Stormborn
03-05-2006, 02:28
Here's the spirit oriented one I'm using now. I make no claims this is the most powerful build possible - I'm still getting used to the various facets of the ritualist. No elites since I'm still just tooling around more or less.

Anguished Was Linwah
Spirit Rift
Generous Was Tsungrai
Flesh of my Flesh

Typical battle is: come up to the edge of mob aggro, Anguished Was Linwah, Pain, Bloodsong, Destruction, send in the hench, shadowsong, drop the ashes for another Pain. Hang back and look for clustering mobs for a Spirit Rift.

So far so good. I'm also experimenting with Spirit Light and Soothing Memories as a heal versus Generous Was Tsungrai. GWT is a nice heal but it only works on me. Also trying out Mighty Was Vorizun as a way to boost my energy (swap out Destruction or something else).

The channeling oriented build I'm trying out is:

Channeled Strike
Ancestor's Rage
Spirit Rift
Spirit Burn
Essence Strike
Anguished Was Linwah
Generous Was Tsungrai
Flesh of my Flesh

As you can see I'm a fan of Anguished Was Linwah. AWL serves as the carried item for some skills, and when I drop the ashes Pain emerges which serves as the nearby spirit for others skills. So I get two uses out of it, and AWL will be a part of my builds until something better comes along. ;)

Akirai Annuvil
03-05-2006, 19:04
General healing build:
Mend Body and Soul
Sothing Memories
Spirit Light
Blind was Mingson
Weapon of Warding
Preservation {E}
Flesh of my Flesh

Restoration 12 +1 +3
Spawning Power 12 +1

It's not that diffiult, just keep up spirits, keep up ashes although drop when needed, and heal as is appropriate (mend against conditions, soothing normally, spirit light when near spirits and a large heal is required). Use Weapon of Warding when someone is being attacked by wars or rangers or is suffering from degen a lot.

I also made another build somewhere else, however I haven't (and cannot) tested it:


Communing:8 +1
Restoration:12 +1 +3
Earth Magic:10

Eruption --> AoE Dot: Disperses Crowd, deals damage and causes blind when it ends

Shadowsong --> hits an enemy enemy is blinded for 4 seconds

Blinded Was Mingson --> urn, once you drop it foes near you are blinded for 10 seconds or so

Ward against the Elements --> helps you against elemental damage

Weapon of Resilience --> Cast on someone whos hexed/conditioned for regen and armor

Soothing memories --> Heals for a decent amount and regains 3 energy when holding an item (like the ashes)

Spirit Light --> Heals for a bigger amount but sacrifices Health unless near to a spirit

Preservation {E} --> Spirit which heals for good amounts once every 4 seconds

Ok now how to work this build. Keep your spirits and wards up as much as possible. If you see many people gathering somewhere especially warriors or rangers cast Eruption on them. If someone in your team is suffering a hex or condition cast Weapon of Resilience on them ( I find it more effective than healing them but if you prefer Healing by all means take Mend Body and Soul).
Use the healing spells when needed.

ok no idea if this can even work, it's a little bit anti-warrior oriented but I like that ^^ come to think about your better of dropping Communing and Shadowsong and taking Ward of Melee with you instead and putting your excess point in Spawning Power and boosting you earth Magic ver so slightly ^^ Well have fun :)

EDIT: If you wnat to be mroe support oriented, you could swap out Preservation for Weapon of Quickening. in that case you can keep your wards up ALL the time, and you can ehlp other people with (semi)-long cooldowns (Spiritualist, echo nuker etc.).