View Full Version : Please leave tips/criticisms

04-05-2006, 17:24
Ok, after stumbling around with my PvE Rt/N for a while, I think I have finally come up with a decent build. The obviously this character should function entirely as a battery/support character.

Restoration: 11 + 1
Communing: 8
Blood: 11
Rest in spawning

However, I'm going to change my attributes around soon, whenever I am able to get a hold of some ritualist runes (still haven't found ANY)

Soothing Memories
Mighty Was Vorizun
Well of Blood
Blood Is Power [E]
Lively Was Naomei

Ok, so the skill set needs work, and I'm looking to switch out pain and possibly life, since they don't really do much. I was thinking maybe another healing skill or Generous Was Tsungrai

Basically, what I do is run around with mighty in my hands, and cast recuperation for regen. Then I start hitting people with blood is power, casting soothing memories on myself whenever it recharges, and after the first death I throw up well of blood and get inside for +8 health regen, which with soothing memories I'm able to put out lots of BiP.

So... is this a viable build to run? @ 11 blood BiP gives +5 energy regen, and well of blood gives +5 health regen for 17 seconds. I think that as a Rt/N it has a good potential as a battery, but I'd like ideas for what to replace, if anyone can makes some suggestions :D