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05-05-2006, 15:28
What are weapon spells and binding rituals classed as (ie. spell, skill etc..)

also are they effected by expertise?

I ask for a couple of reasons. If binding rituals and weapon spells are not true spells it means they are hard for a mesmer to shutdown, and also it means that a 20/20 staff is made rather fruitless as most of the ritualist main spell trees (save channeling) is mostly made of weapons and ritual skills.

Spoil of War
05-05-2006, 15:43
A weapon spell is in a class of it's own (Has it's own icon and everything) I don't believe they can be stripped like enchantments either.

No idea on the expertise front. I have an Rt/R but not the other way round.

05-05-2006, 15:48
i suppose i should also phrase this as are the 20/20 staffs worth it and do the effect weapon spells and rituals at all?

05-05-2006, 16:20
just axquired some 20/20 staffs and discovered weapon and item spells are classed as spells for the 20/20 mods at least.

binding rituals seem uneffected but it was only a short set of tests

05-05-2006, 16:43
Weapon Spells are spells, not affected by expertise.
Weapon Spells are not enchants, so they aren't affected by enchantment removers.
A players can only have one weapon spell on him/her at a time.

Binding Rituals are not spells, they are skills, like Nature Rituals, and are affected by expertise.