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08-05-2006, 20:04
This build is hypothetical as my rt's still level 9. It's designed for farming large numbers of melee attackers, such as trolls, minotaurs and so on. It might or might not work well, but I'd be interested to see what you guys think of it. I also don't have much experience as to what can and can't be resisted.

Emphasis is on vengeful was khanei, which is a spell so can be echoed which allows a solid 30 seconds with this spell on constantly, then 10 seconds before the cycle is repeated. It should work a fair bit like gladiators defense, but healing you. This is going to be reliant on enemies not doing much more damage then 30.

Ok here are the skills that imo are most beneficial. They're basically all channeling or restoration. They're not really in any particular order and there's quite a few that would help out this setup in some way. Bracketed ones I generally consider to be less helpful.

-destruction (channeling) 1
-spirit rift (channeling) 2
-Vengeful Was Khanhei (restoration) [e] 3
-soothing memories (restoration) 4
-arcane echo (n/a) 5
(recuperation (restoration)) 6
(vengeful weapon (restoration)) 7
(splinter weapon (channeling)) 8
(physical resistance (inspiration)) 9
(ether feast (inspiration)) 10
(mend body and soul (restoration)) 11
(rupture soul (spawning)) 12
(weapon of warding (restoration)) 13


1) does some beefy unresistable damage, about when the 3x VWK cycle is over. Also provides a spirit for such spells as soothing memories.
2) spirit rift. Some more damage if maintaining the energy upkeep isn't an issue. I don't know if it will be so maybe scrap this. If not, great they'll die a fair bit faster.
3) the main skill. Simultaneously keeps you alive while damage melee attackers with unresistable damage. Should work identically to SS in this use, though probably a lot less effective.
4) an awesome heal as long as there's a spirit around. Destruction or recuperation will do nicely. There are lots of nice spirits that sadly can't be used effectively due to being spawning.
5) double as much VWK. The energy cost is not pleasant and if that's a problem, imo shouldn't be, probably worth scrapping the build or switching o monk 2ndry
6) counters the effects of bleeding, and gives a spirit with a longer duration (and less chance of being attacked) than destruction, for use with soothing.
7) just a little bonus on top of the VWK, not really particularly useful. Gets you a little life, but I'd leave this one out.
8) pretty nice bonus damage, unfortunately you need to attack with it. With 10 monsters clobbering you not sure you can do this safely in between urns.
9) makes use of the mes secondary. As it's inspiration, the points aren't entirely as you could take ether feast or tap too. If the healing from VWK just isn't enough, this might well be worth it, even sacrificing a couple of ap in channeling.
10) a reasonable heal for 5 energy. See above. Not worth it by any stretch tho imo unless physical resistance is essential.
11) another good heal Will remove deepwound and bleeding as an added bonus.
12) Spawning, so this would be quite poor damage at about rank 4 only. But if it makes the difference... and the blinding is a bonus if the VWK cycle needs repeating.
13) pretty good stuff in between cycles.

I haven't tried this, yet. Or even capped the elite. This is, again, hypothetical. There may be a glaring error I've missed. All constructive criticism appreciated:sunny:

09-05-2006, 03:14
You can only have 8 skills in your bar.

09-05-2006, 11:32
You can only have 8 skills in your bar.

i think he knows that, it was a list of variants, i belive.the ideea of ritualist soloing is appealing to me , but the mobs target the spirits a lot, so u can't really depend on them too much.also a good defense skill must be in place for the time Vengeful Was Khanhei is recharging.maybe the fastest version is something similar to an imonk with SOJ - a 105hp rit(since u can's hold the -50 hp cesta at the sime time with an ashes item) with VWK.

09-05-2006, 12:08
^ thank you, yes I did know this:shocked:

I see it working like this;

1) set up spirits well away
2) arcane echo
3) go aggro everything
4) VWK
5) (10secs later) arcane echo, which is now VWK
6) (10secs later) VWK has now recharged, being on a 20sec timer. Use it
7) destruction goes off if it's near. Could take the skill which teleports spirits to your location.
8a) If there's anything left, prolong you life with weapon of warding, healing etc if possible. Then repeat.
8b) pick stuff up
And maybe throw the occasional spirit rift and so on in there.

I reckon in 30secs you should be attacked around 20 times.
20x 30 (from urn) = 600, + maybe up to 200 more from alternate sources. I would have thought this'd be sufficient to take out most enemies before the period where you're not holding VWK.

If they do attack spirits even at the limits of their range of effect, then that doesn't necessarily destroy the concept's viability, but yeah that would definitely be a problem.

10-05-2006, 05:57
Nice idea I
'll try that...

10-05-2006, 10:35
where is the best area to farm with this Rt??