View Full Version : Lag In House Zu Heltzer

14-05-2006, 15:33
Anyone else suffering from lag issues here?

It's really terrible now and it's getting worse every time I go there.

Deja Vu
17-05-2006, 01:02
just go to dis 2 or 3 ....it seems that there is a huge lag on dis 1 in some towns

Grenths Shadow
17-05-2006, 01:08
Just took 10 minutes to load House zu Heltzer. Then another 5 to change districts so that I could actually do something. Yikes!

17-05-2006, 03:51
All the international districts are lag-free, use those if you can - for once the international districts are actually being used by more than two people at a time!

Uda Duno
17-05-2006, 10:51
What about the lag in Maatu ( I think that is the name of the town just before the zone that splits the Kurzick and Luxons.) I cant even get to the door without having to wait 10 minutes, go.. stop wait for lag to stop...go... rinse and repeat. House isnt much different or any of the "FF" places. I have started to just go to the last district on list, but even that seems to be messed up.. Tryed to get into one town (think it was tanglewood) in last district when it came back with the district is full message! Went international then. But when I got to Jade Quarry, there wasnt even enough to form a team!!!

17-05-2006, 23:42
Yes... the international districts are my friends!

18-05-2006, 20:54
I agree internation district. The entire LAYOUT of the place is confusing and you have to walk all the way on other side of the room just do anything MERCHANT/EXCHANGE/RUNE/STORAGE should be together but here unlike everywhere else takes 2 mins to walk around finding things needed because they put the Merchant on onside and Rune trader up the path then block my view with some fence and mountain, instead of putting them all on one side of room so I can just walk up to and when you port in doesn't help to put people on other side of room where nothing is up the ramp. Besides ambience what's the point of having the middle of room the size of a foot ball field if nothings going to go there and I have to walk across it to do anything? Only dumber thing is the SLOW effect in grottos which at least isn't as a focal point.
At least the giant spacing in Lions arch horrible too but looks natural. This all looks strange like someone just put up walls around grave yard but left the grave yard in the middle of the house with a dirt floor. To sum it up NO its ALL FACTIONS that has LAG