View Full Version : Skill capping Preservation made easy.

15-05-2006, 16:35
Are u a Luxon seeking the elite skill preservation?Do u absolutly despise the Kurzicks that u don't even want to skill cap on there land?Well,i found an easier place to cap it!

(Also,i don't know if everyone knows this,i just know what i see off of
http://www.xennon.co.uk/eliteskills/factions_elites.php )

In order to cap it,u have to beat the hatchery mission and get to the Levaithan Pits.From the pits,go to the Hatery(explorable area).If u go up,u will see some Luxons and Outcasts fighting,go to the left of that,u should see and opening. If u go through the opening,there is a jade path.Continue walking through untill u see grass and sand.Walk up the sand path and if u hold ctrl,u should see Soulwisper,Elder Guardian.He is the boss with preservation.There is even a preservation spirit near him most of the time.I have 2 screen shots,on of me near his dead body usin skill cap and one of the map,if someone could tell me how to post them(i'm a noob at computers)i will put them on.

P.S.if u need help in game finding him,PM me,my rit is Summoner Saroki X,add me to friends,i might not be on my rit.