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Lady Jade
16-05-2006, 15:01
Well, I've come for help in asking for suggestions on how to develop a much better Ritualist build. The one thing that I liked the most about Prophecies was, they gave you a lot of time to get to know how your class worked, advanced you along in stages, and you earned more advanced skills as you went. With Factions, it's much different, you have to buy skills this time around. I'm having trouble trying to find how to make my Ritualist strong enough and making her work more efficiently. Any advice would be great. I don't want to be a restoration type ritualist who kind of acts like a monk; monking has never been a class I liked that well, but I most certainly will heal people if they need help.

I picked monk as my secondary, because I thought I could never have too much healing in order for myself and the partner I solo with and for a better rez spell.

Everything is currently modified with runes.

Spawning Power 11
Healing Prayers 8
Channeling 9
Communing 11
Restoration 6


Resurrection Chant
Vengeful Weapon
Orison of healing
Spirit Burn
Spirit Boon Strike (or sometimes Brutal Weapon)

I feel like at this state, i'm not quite powerful enough, or i'm doing something wrong. Is there something better I could be doing with her?

Spoil of War
16-05-2006, 20:14
I'd say the only problem is, it looks like you're trying to do everything at once. You say you don't want to go the way of the healing Rit, yet you're taking Monk and Restoration skills. Admittedly they're good skills (Resurrection Chant is perhaps the best after-battle res in the game)

It looks a great build on paper, but sady it's impossible to be everything all at once. You need to decide if you want to focus on support, or damage.

Judging from your description above, it sounds like you don't mind being a healer, just so long as it isn't done like a Monk. Perhaps something of a spirit healer build?

I haven't done much healing myself, but I'd maybe make a build like this:

Restoration 16 (12+3+1)
Communing 13 (12+1)
Everything else in Spawning. (Add a rune here too if you like)

1. Vital Weapon
2. Weilder's Boon
3. Spirit Light
4. Recuperation
5. Shelter
6. Displacement
7. Preservation {E}
8. Flesh of my Flesh

If you want power though, as a tradeoff you'll have to lose the healing. here's the Channeling build I've been messing around with

Channeling 16 (12+3+1)
Restoration 12
Spawning Power 4 (3+1)

1. Weapon of Warding
2. Ancestor's Rage
3. Spirit Rift
4. Spirit Burn
5. Cruel Was Daoshen
6. Channeled Strike
7. Preservation {E}
8. Flesh of my Flesh

As you can tell, I quite like Preservation :) that and WoW is enough to keep yourself alive and to take the strain off the monk too.

Neither of these builds are "awesome" the first one I literally made up as I was typing this, and the second is one I'm still experimenting with, but hopefully they can give you a starting point to come up with something of your own.

16-05-2006, 20:45
I don't want to be a restoration type ritualist who kind of acts like a monk; monking has never been a class I liked that well, but I most certainly will heal people if they need help.

Sounds to me like your trying to do both, heal and od dmg. I f thats the case, I would say look into blood necros. With Well of Blood and Life Siphon, you can do both at the same time.

17-05-2006, 00:12
Hey guyz can any of you gimme some info on whether this is a good build for a ritualist or not? Its a mix between channeling/communing. Here it is:

Communing 15 (12+3)
Channeling 10 (9+1)
Spawning 12 (9+1+1)

Spirit Burn (channeling) <----I might replace this or Spirit Rift with Dissonance
Spirit Rift (channeling)
Painful Bond (channeling)
Blood Song (communing)
Pain (Comuning)
Ritual Lord (E) (spawning)
Boon Of Creation (spawning)
Some kind of Rez

So can you guyz gimme your opinions on how good my build is? Btw this is for pve only no pvp.

22-05-2006, 21:13
Arcl, I like what have done here very straight forward should work well in pve, I run a similar build for PVP that works good.