View Full Version : Mesmer Factions +15 armor while activating skills global or local?

BloodStar Dawn
18-05-2006, 13:41

Does any one know if the new Factions Mesmer armour '+15 while activating skills' has an global effect like the old Tyria Performers(Courtly) armour '+15 while casting spells' does or if its local effect only?

19-05-2006, 09:17
Simple, check the different part of the armor, if all have the same bonus then the effect is local.

Note : yes some Tyrians armors have bugs and some of us are still wondering when those items will switch back to a local effect (shouldn't take too long anymore)

BloodStar Dawn
19-05-2006, 13:40
Ok I reword it slighty, does any one know if the new Factions +15 armor while activating skills has the same global effect "bug" that the old Tyria performers +15 while casting spells does?

I have done multiple searches on the forum, but found no answer to this question.

Test u say, I would if I could with a pvp char but I cant as u can not choose the new +15 while activating skills as a armour choice for pvp characters, only the old +15 while casting.