View Full Version : BUG or HE GOT SKILLS

Dragon Fire Go
20-05-2006, 13:48
i was doing the RIverside Province and one of my group member ended up on top of one of the watch tower!!:huh: he just said he was attacking the watch and he ended up there and could not get down. and unfortunately he left the game since he was useless.
Is there same kind of way to climb the tower or is this a bug

Zero Tolerance
20-05-2006, 14:18
You can kill both guards on the top of the watchtower without getting up there. Then you can use any of the corpse travel skills [necromancer] to get there [also, with Factions, elementalists and assassins would have teleportation skills available]

K Fonta
20-05-2006, 15:25
There is a bug where any character can get stuck up there.

Dragon Fire Go
20-05-2006, 15:35
He was a warrior and anot a neco so i dont think thats possible but yeah if this is a bug then its kind of troublesome since u get stuck there and your teammates leave u. (cant do anything about it though)

20-05-2006, 16:33
Confirmed, this is a bug known for a long time. Happened to somebody I helped with the bonus there about half a year ago.
I know he reported it than, but it still seems to happen..