View Full Version : Bug in quest "Scout the Coast"?

21-05-2006, 02:45
Got the quest from Scoutmaster Aerios outside Breaker's Hollow. Spent about 45 minutes clearing the whole Mount Qinkai of rot wallows, onis, Kurzicks and Nagas... After getting to the part where the quest says 'Return to Scoutmaster Aerios for your reward', I zoned to town to sell the loot. When I go back out to collect my reward, I didn't get the quest reward!! The quest seems to have just abandoned itself automatically and the Scoutmaster Aerios offered me the quest AGAIN! :angry: This is just horrible.

For example if I compare it to Prophecies quests where I get them outside of town, like "Blood and Smoke" in the jungle, the quests don't just cancel itself whenever you zone into town, why should a Factions quest cancel itself automatically??

21-05-2006, 06:29
No, the quest is not bugged. Like the "supply run", the other repeatable Luxon-Faction quest, it does reset itself when you zone out of the map.
If you had returned to Aerios after killing all Kurzick groups, he would have given you the reward.

PS: The "Cartography" quests work the same way. You have to chart the whole map to finish one part. you can not return later and finish the waypoint from another outpost.