View Full Version : Error in new necro skill page

25-05-2006, 15:10
Here's the link: http://www.gwonline.net/page.php?p=188

If you click on Blood Magic, it takes you to the Soul Reaping section instead. Minor thing really...

Also, the skill descriptions for Incendiary Bonds and Rodgort's Invocation need to be updated. Range of IB is no longer nearby enemies, but adjacent foes; and range of RI is no longer foes in the area, but nearby foes.

25-05-2006, 21:29
Thankies. I will fix those in short order

26-05-2006, 15:39
Thanks Fallen. I found another minor thing. If you go to the Factions skill listing for Ranger, and click on Expertise, it takes you to the Expertise skills for Prophecies instead of Factions.

26-05-2006, 19:30
Woopsies! I thought I had fixed all those... In any case, I am going away for the weekend, so I will get to them on Monday when I get back. Thanks for the help, milias. I appreciate it.