View Full Version : Huge Problem

25-05-2006, 17:38
i just did risu palace mission but the waiting for party to load screen came up and when it reached zero it froze and there was this rushing sound! There it is now frozen! help me! i have spent all day doing that blasted mission...:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

25-05-2006, 17:39
i can call up the map but it says i am in the wilderness!!!!! help me!!!!! plas someone - i don't want to do it again (sobs)

25-05-2006, 18:18
Im not sure what kind of response you are looking for here. Close GW, reload it, and move on. You have already completed the mission, so I dont see why you would have to redo it.

26-05-2006, 12:22
alas although the swords went through the shield on the mission imperial is not on the map. I have to do it again:angry: :cry: . I was just hoping someone could warn me how to avoid this in the future. Maybe it's particular to that mission...

26-05-2006, 15:45
Oh, sorry. Sounds like you err=7'd at the wrong time. Not sure what you can do to avoid that.