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07-06-2006, 12:31
i was romping round pre factions today and came across some bleaced bones in haiju lagoon (theiving nanny). i did click on them ala crystal desert but there was no text or story.

i loved tracking down the bones in the desert and i was wondering if the same has been done in factions?


seems to be a severed hand and a broken sword

07-06-2006, 13:44
i was romping round pre factions today and came across some bleaced bones in haiju lagoon (theiving nanny).

I'd always assumed that those were the remains of the victims of the Bog Beast, which lurks quite near there.

07-06-2006, 14:16
The bleached bones are part of a quest, I think.
The purse is another part of it.

The Stiehl
07-06-2006, 16:08
I always thought those were the bones of the Theiving Nanny... I'll go back there without the quest and see if they are still there.

Quintus Antonius
07-06-2006, 16:57
Great find, Klona! And may I also compliment you on your sucessful incorporation of the word "romping" :thumbsup:

Anyway, as I am from Ascalon, my access to Shining Jea Island is rather limited, so I haven't spent much time exploring the area.

From your screenshots, however, we can see that the bones are human in structure. Also note the sword. It is a gladius, similar to Roman design. Gladii are not a native Canthan sword, which suggests whoever this was either aquired it internationally, or was not from Cantha.

shadow the hero
07-06-2006, 17:39
seems the "Nanny" had Fighted For her Life, and her Blade/sword Possible Broke when She was Fight the Dragon Turtle, the Turtles Shell Must have Been to harder, then She Thought

The Stiehl
07-06-2006, 17:56
I have been to the site without the Thieveing Nanny quest, and there are indeed no bones. At the time I first saw the bones (when I did do the quest), I did not have the Bog Beast of Bokku quest.

I hear Tyrian characters can do the Bog Beast of Bokku quest, and later I will try it, to see if the bones spawn then.

EDIT: Suprising news. Tyrian characters can do that quest, and guess what I found...


So the bones appear for both Thieving Nanny and the Bog Beast of Bokku.

Goldfish God
07-06-2006, 19:25
The bones are there before u take either quest (at least for the two times I've been through on a canthan char, though that was some time ago). Personally I don't think they're related to the bog beast since he appears on the island in the center of the lake not over on the side. The dead nanny quest monster is right next to the bones however so I'd assume they're her bones (she stole, so she probably has a weapon if she's of that mind-set).

07-06-2006, 19:33
hmmm perhaps ang the ephermals remains?

07-06-2006, 19:34
could be anything

teh Monkeys
10-06-2006, 17:37
If I remember correctly, you find the purse in the bones, and you then have to hand it back to the mother. The mother then says it's covered in blood and tells you that the girl got what she deserved. I always figured the bones belonged to the nanny-thief-girl.

01-08-2006, 04:23
Here's the quest dialogue, via Guildwiki:

"You are a <profession>, are you not? Please, you must help me! I do not have much money, but my son is ill. I hired a woman named Mara to help me look after him, but when I woke up this morning, Mara was gone... and what is worse, so was my coin purse! I never should have trusted a stranger, and I cannot leave Nei alone here. Can you help me? Just find Mara and retrieve my coin purse. Please, I know not where else I should turn!"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Nei)
"I think I know where Mara is, but my mother is so upset, she will not believe me. Mara did take the coin purse, but only to place a bet on the drake races they hold on that little island to the north. Mara said that my mother would never approve, but she was sure she could win enough to pay for my medicine for years! Funny, though, I have never actually seen anyone racing drakes up there, or anywhere, really."

Reward Dialogue
"Oh no~this is the right coin purse, but it is torn, empty, and covered in...is that blood? How will I pay for Nei's medicine now? But I'm sure you did all you could, <name>, and at least that thieving Mara learned her lesson.

Scott the Green
09-08-2006, 02:46
Something bugs me about that quest. The mother has no money, yet the quest reward has some gold in it. Where does she find that money, and shouldn't she be using it to buy medicine rather than giving it to strangers for finding her purse?

09-08-2006, 03:24
There's another similar quest in Kaineng City, "A Price Too High" or something like that. A man is sick so his daughter borrows money to pay for medicine. The father then tries to return the money because they can't pay back the loan, but the loan shark charges such a high interest that he can't pay back the amount.

Ironically, the gold reward the man gives you for sorting out his problem is like 3/4 of what he owed to the loan shark anyway.