View Full Version : Stone formations: FoW - Urgoz Warren

11-06-2006, 22:45
yet again i found myself romping round Urgoz warren and halfway through i stumbled opon a room which was a spitting image of the beach in the fow. it had these huge linial stone formations also see on the beach at the FoW.
what do you guys think,. they are the same aint they:wink:

Gmr Leon
11-06-2006, 22:57
You can also see those in the Catacombs in Pre-Searing,they look the same,but one is like a crystal while the other is stone.

Quintus Antonius
11-06-2006, 23:14
In my opinion, this doesn't indicate that they are the same place, but rather, it indicates they are made by the same forces.

The stone pattern seen hear is reminiscent of the Giant's Walkway between Scotland and Ireland and is created by volcanic forces.

Rae Fenrir
12-06-2006, 01:48
Giants causeway. I was there on Monday funnily enough ;)


Quintus Antonius
12-06-2006, 01:57
Excellent timing Rae! Thank you very much for the picture, it proves what i was saying perfectly =D

12-06-2006, 06:48
When I saw that area in Urgoz, I thought more of the icy wastes in UW. Which even has that unearthly white glow in it.