View Full Version : Runes on the church in Sardelac.

Gmr Leon
13-06-2006, 22:53
If this has mentioned before please do close this topic,if not then just leave it open for discussion. I was just about to leave Sardelac to study the crystalline meteorite outside when I switched to first person pov(point of view)and I was looking at the church. Then I noticed these runes,that for some odd reason I had never really noticed before,but I just thought someone hear might have an answer for what they mean or what they were for.

Personally I think it's an enchantment to ward off evil spirits from the church,but that's just a guess on my part.





Quintus Antonius
14-06-2006, 00:04
It's an abbey, Ashford Abbey to be exact, not a church; just wanted to clarify that.

Also, are those runes or just engravings to give the marble texture? I fail to see the runic coorelation. Runes are characters in the languages of magicka, those just look like engravings to me. Although, I suppose it is possible...

As for a sign of warding, I'm not so sure. It is certainly possible that is it's purpose, however, with consideration to the fact that there is a very healthy necromancer cult operating out of the Catacombs less then 100 yards away, and the presence of a banshee in the graveyard pre-Searing, I'd say it isn't a very effective spell.

Gmr Leon
14-06-2006, 02:23
It could be to ward off demons from entering the abbey,you know they can be around it,but not in it. Wasn't sure if I should have called it an abbey or not. Thanks for clearing that up.

Here's a clear pic of what looks to be a rune to me.