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Azure Eyes
22-06-2006, 01:50
Just wondering when the anti farm code kicks in and u get that little message, what resets the zone back to normal? Do you have to just go farm somewhere else? Do you have to finish a quest? Or just go into a couple different zones and come back?

If its a matter of kill more baddies somewhere else can you do it with a different character or does it have to be the farming one?

22-06-2006, 11:58
I dont know much about it, but I think you just need to stay out of the zone for a while doing other things.

I have never activated it myself.

Super Kenny
22-06-2006, 17:31
Never knew there was such message...I just know that when you zone in the same place over and over, the drops are getting worst.

Anyways, just find another farming place or do a mission meanwhile

Jarreth Tal
22-06-2006, 18:13
You have to spend time somewhere else. Try rotating your farming to 3-4 areas.

Jarreth Tal.

22-06-2006, 20:57
Just do some missions to work it off.

24-06-2006, 05:53
Ahh, how can any farmer forget the benefits of crop rotation/cycles? :)

26-06-2006, 13:08
lol with Durron...

Can someone say what the message is that appears when anti-farm code kicks in...

Im not sure ive ever seen it...

27-06-2006, 20:56
If you want to see it just go some place where you can zone out and kill one thing, then just do this about 30 times or so....

The message basically says that if you keep killing the same group of monsters over and over the drops will get worse and worse, something most farmers know already.

(and yes, I had this little blue box message pop up on me when I first started my little farm in tyria)

27-06-2006, 22:43
If I remember correctly, an ettin guide recommended going through Nebo to Kryta Province, then after the run's done passing through the zone border to Scoundrel's Rise and back- I believe he claimed this prevented the anti-farming code from kicking in, since you were effectively cycling through three different areas.

Not sure if it still works this way, and other farm runs aren't set up for that strategy to be applicable.

Jarreth Tal
27-06-2006, 23:44
Yeah, it still works that way.

Jarreth Tal.

27-06-2006, 23:56
Anet has a reason for the anti-farming code (albeit a little mysterious)...leave it alone.

I asked a long time ago about reasonable ways to prevent it, and the best suggestion you've already gotten. Lay off the area.

Malhavoc Adhamar
28-06-2006, 00:33
Question has been answer. No point in leaving this open.